Slow Down #2–get moving!

Yesterday was a typical Monday of school drop-offs and pick-ups, a morning meeting, lunch, projects, writing, emailing, homework, dinner…and by evening all I wanted was a big, fresh salad and a chance to sit down.

But my phone rang.

“Wanna go for a walk? It’s beautiful outside!” my mother enticed me.

I didn’t hesitate for long. I am, after all, trying to slow down this month. 

“Honey? I’m going for a walk!” I hollered to my husband.

So I laced up my walking shoes, put my jacket on and met my mom at the park between our houses and we set off for a brisk half-hour walk as the sun went down. “I’m so glad to have a walking buddy!” she told me.

fantabulous women slow down get a move on

The sky was brilliant. First it was pink and orange then eventually turned to an inky blue. The moon was what we call a “fingernail moon” and by the time I got back to my block the stars were coming out.

“I feel sorry for the people missing this,” I thought as I grinned up at the sky.

Then I realized that I am usually the one missing it. We miss a lot when we’re always rushing about, going from one activity to the next and never slowing down, don’t we?

I’m a “mover and shaker” but I almost never work out or even take leisurely walks–I tend to go full tilt then collapse. But, man, the fresh air, the tingling in my legs, the birds chirping and kids squealing, the scent of barbecue meat in the air…it was glorious. I need more of that in my life.

It felt good to move my body and get my heart rate up. It was nice to see the sky from a new perspective. The time chatting with my mom was a definite bonus, too. I’m so glad I didn’t tell her, “I’m too tired,” or “I have too much to do,” or “I just want to stay home.” I want to arrange my life so that, when the opportunity arises, I can always seize the chance to get out and catch my breath–even if it leaves me breathless.  

Slow Down Lesson #2: Sometimes slowing down means putting on your walking shoes and getting a move on!

How about you? Do you need to “get a move on” in order to slow down? Leave a comment or hop on over to the FanTABulous Women Facebook page to keep the conversation going.

Slow Down in March

Does your life feel a bit go-go-go with very little downtime?

Do you struggle to live in the moment?

Do you tend to feel restless if you’re not being productive?

Do you have to WORK at resting?

For me, that’s “yes” x 4.

I have grown a lot in this area but it’s something I continually have to improve on. I need a lot of time for R&R: “Resting & Receiving.” I have to make an effort to rest my body and receive God’s love, whether for it’s a few minutes every day or most of one entire day.

In fact, that’s why my word for 2014 is “beloved.” I have to set aside time to “be-loved.”

So much so that I was thinking about blogging about slowing down in March…when today happened.

What happened today?

Well, #1 it rained. 

fantabulouswomen rainy day march slow down

Our first rainy day in Phoenix in 70 days!


Blame it on the barometric pressure, an overly greasy breakfast or even hormones but…

#2, I felt “off” for most of the day. My ears were buzzing, my stomach was upset, my nerves felt frayed, my body felt weak…and I basically surfed the Internet, drank a lot of “Nourish Me” tea and shuffled around the house all day.

I felt restless in the afternoon so…

#3, I did some crafting. It was a nice way to pass the time and not spend it wondering if I was coming down with something. I got lost in what I was doing and enjoyed the cutting and pasting and color-coordinating. I sipped my tea while I worked and enjoyed the quiet company of my husband, too, along with the rain falling outside the window.

It was so relaxing.

Now I have cards on hand to personalize and send out.

march slow down

Cards ready to be stamped with the recipient’s initial.


And around 6:00pm as I was (slowly) bringing another pot of  ”Calming” tea to my craft table…

#4, I realized that I had slowed down today. On March 1st. So I knew I had something to blog about in March.

Here I was, wondering if I should consider slowing down in March and inspiring you to do the same and I found myself actually DOING it–and not even on purpose!

I can tell you that taking the day off to just take care of myself, do the things I enjoy and listen to my body was a welcome relief.

If I hadn’t felt crummy, I’d have finished cleaning out my boys’ bedroom, caught up on laundry, gone to the store, cleaned or who knows what else (and probably would have run myself ragged in the process!)–but I wouldn’t have just sipped tea, shuffled around and crafted! I wish I did that more often of my own accord but I don’t.

I needed a day to rest and I’m glad I took it.

SLOW DOWN Lesson #1: Listen to your body. When you feel like you need to take a day off–do it! Or…take a day off BEFORE you need it! 

I think the Slow Down topic is meant to be, so I wonder if you need to slow down, too?

Tell me…when was the last time you took it easy on yourself for an entire day? Could you use a day to just slow down and rest? Leave a comment or hop on over the to FanTABulous Women Facebook page to keep the conversation going.


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