Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Having worked at a Hallmark store for three years, I distinctly remember the last-minute rush EVERY year in the days leading up to Mother’s Day.

Thankfully, my mom already went through my Mary Kay inventory and chose HER gift–now I just have to wrap it!

Do YOU need some last-minute ideas?

Here are things you can get at almost any corner store and put together for a thoughtful gift.

Toss a ribbon around it or plunk it into a gift bag and you’re good to go! KEYWORD: “pretty!”

An artist’s sketchbook and some colored pencils or watercolors

A blank journal and a pretty pen

A pretty mug and a selection of tea or coffee (or coffee syrups)

A pretty frame

Gourmet cookies or snacks

Flavored vodka. There are so many options now!

A pretty scarf or wrap in her favorite color

Hand lotion and a calming candle for bedtime

Flowers in a pretty pot

Or I can help you out!

I do offer gift certificates and can even send you some verbiage for enclosing in Mom’s card!

Here are some of my offerings that your mom would LOVE!

:: Color analysis and beauty makeover (including going through her current products as well as recommending new ones)

fantabulous women tabitha dumas makeovers mothers day

:: An hour (or more) of my personal shopping services along with a gift card to her favorite store

:: Assistance with setting up an at-home spa experience

:: A closet overhaul and wardrobe assessment

fantabulous women closet organization

:: A whole new skin care regimen or a new makeup look (plus the Ten Minute Face Tutorial for applying makeup in a flash) neutral makeup look

Neutral everyday makeup look.

Prices start at just $25 and YES, almost all of my services are available in-person and virtually!

Contact me for more information! (602) 349-1129 or letmerephrasethat(at)

I do also have a few impressive Mary Kay items left if you happen to be local. I could even wrap and ship them for you!

The Mary Kay Mint Blossom pedicure set is just $25 and includes the cute bag, foot bath fizzy balls, a pumice, a cute nail file and the AMAZING Mint Blossom Icy Foot Gel. It smells terrific!

fantabulous pedicure set

I also have the classic Satin Hands pampering set for $36. Perfect for keeping Mom’s hands soft and smooth!

satinhands fantabulous mothers day

I have eye shadow, blush, lipstick and lip gloss, too (from $6.50 to $16)–just tell me about your mom’s coloring and I can recommend the right shades!

I hope this helps and I wish YOU and your family a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Five Secrets to a More Beautiful Morning

If you’re joining us from the FanTABulous Women email newsletter, welcome!

Do you find yourself wishing for a smoother morning routine that also helps you start your day looking and feeling your best?

Here are my five secrets!

fantabulous women morning routine


1. Choose your outfit the night before. Try it on and lay out everything you will need, including undergarments, shoes and accessories. There’s nothing more stressful than searching for a lone camisole or errant earring when you’re racing against the clock in the morning!

2. Have a simple everyday makeup look easily accessible. Set aside your wild eye shadows and bold lipsticks for special occasions. Make sure that your basic foundation and mascara, along with two to three eye shadows and a blush in neutral shades, are handy so you have no excuse for leaving the house without makeup on.

3. Start your day in a happy place. Take time to sip a cup of coffee, read a page from an inspiring book, repeat your personal mantra, stretch your body or write in your journal before the craziness of the day sets in. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with a smile on her face and a spring in her step!


4. Keep healthy breakfast foods on hand. Whether it’s a boiled egg, protein bar, V8 juice or cheese stick, eating a healthy breakfast doesn’t have to mean sitting down to a hot meal. You’ll feel better all day if you start it with good fuel and having something you can grab on your way out the door will help guard against desperate donut purchases.

5. Get a grip on your to-do list. Whether twenty items or three, spend some time with your to-do list in the morning and map out your day. Consider tackling your hardest task first, followed by a fun task, to start your day well. Try to schedule in some “me time,” too, even if it’s just flipping through a new magazine in the school car line or enjoying a special treat with your lunch.

Here’s to a happier and more FanTABulous morning!

Could your morning routine use some help? What ideas would you consider implementing this week?

Exfoliate Dry Lips NOW

Are your lips dry? Do you need to exfoliate them…now??

You already have two of the BEST tools for sloughing dead skin from your lips:

This… lip exfoliator washcloth

A damp washcloth!

And this. toothbrush exfoliate lips

A toothbrush!

At night before bed, simply rub your lips with a damp washcloth or toothbrush to gently remove the dead skin, rinse and apply a lip balm to leave on over night. Viola! Soft, kissable lips.

If you have a little more time and really want to pamper your lips, give this a shot. Mix equal parts brown sugar, honey and olive oil, rub gently onto lips and rinse.

lip exfoliating treatment

via Pinterest

Could your lips use a little TLC? Let me know if you try any of these ideas!

xxx, Tabitha

Dry Brushing is a Beauty MUST!

The only thing I have EVER done that has helped reduce the appearance of cellulite on my thighs is DRY BRUSHING. Plus it feels good!

Dry brushing also improves circulation, helps detox the skin and leaves your body feeling invigorated!

Try it every morning before your shower for a week and see if you can FEEL and SEE the difference!

Trust me, if you get into the habit, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. It’s especially great now that the cooler weather is approaching and your skin is drying out. Dry brushing also provides excellent exfoliation!

There is an excellent article about it HERE.

And this is a great how-to-get-started guide.



Do you plan to try it? Leave a comment on this post or on the FanTABulous Women Facebook page.

RETREAT: Your Personal Mission Statement

My mom and I are trying something new: weekend retreats!

Our first one is set for early November.


Two days IN the valley. 11:00am Saturday, November 3rd to 3:00pm Sunday, November 4th at the charming Indian Springs Ranch Bed & Breakfast in Goodyear, Arizona. Elaine, the inn keeper, is lovely. I had my 30th birthday party at the Ranch and it was a marvelous experience. I’m excited to go back!

mission statement retreat indian springs ranch

Participants will arrive for lunch then we will have a few afternoon sessions, a Crafternoon, dinner, another session, fun pajama/pampering party and a night devotion before bed.

mission statement retreat indian springs ranch

Sunday, we’ll start with yoga, walking and breathing then have breakfast together in the B&B dining room.

mission statement retreat indian springs ranch dining room

After that, we’ll have a couple of sessions, lunch, wrap-up and reflection and head home in the afternoon.

We’re trying to mix the learning/thinking/growing component with relaxation, a chance to get our creative juices flowing and just taking the opportunity to get away from the world for a bit and regain our balance.


The title is “Discovering Your Mission: Because to move forward, you have to know where you’ve been and where you’re going.”

Here’s the blurb I wrote for the invitation:

Do you know your personal mission statement? Do you have it displayed somewhere you can see it every day? Do you use your mission statement to help you decide what activities to participate in, what people to surround yourself with, how to spend your money and what boundaries you need to put into place to keep yourself sane?

If not, allow Patricia and Tabitha to guide you on a two-day journey to discovering your personal mission statement and how to use it to make 2013 your best year yet!

Along with practical, hands-on exercises, we’ll help you turn your mission statement into a work of art to display in your home.

Once you have your mission, you’ll wonder how you’ll find the time and space to fulfill it! We’ve got that covered, too. Outside of our Mission Statement Sessions, you’ll have plenty of time to reconnect with God, get creative, pamper yourself, fellowship with other women and even get some exercise! Not only will you have a wonderful time but you’ll discover ways to prioritize your ‘self care’ once you return home, too.

You’ll leave this retreat feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready to live your life with purpose! Won’t you join us? Space is limited, register soon!


$150 includes accommodations, meals, materials and goodies. Your payment secures your spot. Only SEVEN spots are available!

Family and friends are welcome, too. If you’d like to cut your cost a little, you can share a queen or kind-size bed.

For more details and information, e-mail me at letmerephrasethat(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you can’t make it to this one but want to receive the information for the next one, e-mail me!

Summer Strawberry Facial

strawberry facial

Got some strawberries “on their way out?”

Put them to good use! Overly-ripe, mushy (but not rotten) strawberries work best.

This is one of my favorite facials–it leaves your skin tingly and refreshed. It’s FanTABulous after a long day in the heat! You could even make it in the morning then store it in the fridge to apply later in the day. Aaaahhhh. Perfect to pamper yourself or to use for a girls’ night in.

You will need 4 very ripe strawberries and 2 drops of peppermint essential oil.

The fruit enzymes will slough way dead skin while the essential oil will refresh and perk up your complexion. The peppermint oil is so invigorating!

Instructions: mash the strawberries and press through a mesh strainer or squeeze through cheesecloth or (clean) panty hose. Catch the juice in a small bowl.  Then add the essential oil to the juice and blend. Apply to face and neck with a saturated cotton square and massage into skin for about 1 minute (avoiding the eyes!). Rinse with cool water. Enjoy!

Who needs a night of pampering??

I should see a lot of raised hands. Mine is up!

Every woman and I know (and those who are self-employed or who work from home in particular) struggle to make time to take care of themselves. Notice I said MAKE time–it requires commitment and a conscious effort to MAKE time to prioritize our own self-care.

I love to be pampered but I have come to expect that if I want to be pampered, I’m going to have to do it myself. For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to visit a spa regularly, creating an at-home spa experience is a marvelous way to indulge ourselves.

I give you my…

friday night pampering and microdermabrasion party

There will be foot soaks…

foot soak tabs spa night

…spa water…

tabs spa party spa water

{but don’t worry, there will be other drink options as well!}

…spa food…

tabs spa party spa food

…and lots of fun treatments to try.

tabs spa party image from servicemagicconnection

All guests will have the opportunity to experience the Mary Kay microdermabrasion treatment, perfect for calming and refreshing summer skin.

You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed and your skin will be ready for bed when you get home.

I also hope that a few women will come to learn HOW to host an at-home spa party to treat their sales team, VIP customers or even their friends or family. You know I love to give away all of my FanTABulous secrets!

 tabs spa night image from buzzledotcom

Of course attendees will have the opportunity to experience the Mary Kay products you can use for your own at-home pampering. There will be a door prize, too, and everyone will go home with a party favor.

Check out the event details and buy your (FREE!) ticket on Eventbrite HERE. Feel free to give it a ‘like’ on Facebook or share it with a friend, too.

I hope to see you there! {and stay tuned for all the event preparations, how-tos and event photos!}

What To Do When You Are Feeling Blah

You’ve heard it before: ‘Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want.’

I want to put a twist on that…

‘Don’t dress for the mood you are in, dress for the mood you WANT.’ -Tabitha Dumas

If you wake up feeling ‘blah,’ unattractive or out of sorts, what do you do? Do you give in to your feelings and just accept that you’re going to have a lousy day or do you make an effort to turn your day around for the better?

If you give in to the temptation to wear dumpy, dull clothes and forgo your usual makeup and hair routine on an ‘off day,’ you will likely spend your day trying to be invisible and will make no effort to get out of your funk. Plus, the people you come in contact with will either ignore you or treat you like you are tired or miserable (because you look like you are!), all of which just add to your lousy mood.

If, however, you wear bright colors, pretty makeup and fun jewelry instead, you will love what you see in the mirror and the people around you will be cheerful and happy in your presence, which will bolster your mood. I hope that my everyday look says, “I’m happy! Come join me in my happy place!” dress happy to feel happy

In fact, dressing for the mood you want is like happiness. When we’re feeling blue, we sometimes put off doing what makes us happy until we FEEL happy. In reality, to FEEL happy, we sometimes must do what makes us feel happy and wait for the happy to happen. (Say that ten times fast.)

Feeling blue? Don’t wait to feel happy! Instead, go dancing, work in the garden or play with your dog and you will probably find that the happy feelings follow.

Likewise, if you want to have a fun, inspiring, joyful day, dress the part and see what happens.

What do you do on days when you wake up feeling less-than-FanTABulous? Share your secrets!

FanTABulous quote #1

fantabulous women favorite quote #1: Veronica Shoffstall "Plan your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers."

I have loved this quote since I bought it on a rubber stamp back in about 1998. The idea that we need to nurture ourselves and make an effort to bring beauty into our lives is so very FanTABulous!

Here’s my attempt: a bowl of collected shells and a rose from the bush my oldest son gave me for Mother’s Day in my favorite bird bud vase on my writing desk. They make my heart happy!

bowl of shells and bird bud vase with rose from my yard: so FanTABulous

What do YOU do to ‘plant your own garden’ or ‘decorate your own soul?’ Please share in the comments, it would make my day!

Making Time for Yourself: follow the flight attendant’s advice

Making time to take care of yourself is crucial for small business owners! Whether it’s a quiet cup of tea before bed or a girls’ getaway weekend, ‘Me Time’ is a must.

I have a ‘Me Time Box’ that I keep fully stocked so I can grab it at a moment’s notice.

Here’s a picture:

'Me Time' Box from

Read more! Check out my guest blog post over at McAuley Freelance Writing.

What do YOU do when you have a few moments to yourself? How do you carve out time to take care of yourself? Please share in the comments.

Copyright Tabitha Dumas, online and in-persona image consultant Gilbert Chandler, Arizona. All right reserved.