Tips for New Direct Sales Reps

I have loved the direct sales industry since attending Tupperware and Mary Kay home parties with my mom back in the 1980s.

I loved eating the snacks, seeing the products, hearing the consultant’s presentation, playing the games and helping my mom fill out her order form.

fantabulous women direct sales tips

I have always been involved in at least one direct sales company for about ten years now and have hosted countless home parties for my friends and family.

I’m something of a direct sales addict. 

In fact, just this month, I became a Senior Consultant with Mary Kay when I added my very first active team member!

In advising her, I got to thinking about what I’ve learned over the years and I thought I’d share it here in case it can help someone who’s just getting started, or maybe give you a new idea if you’re an old pro.

Tab’s Ten Tips for New Direct Sales Consultants

1. Determine your target customer.

Who is she? What is her age group? What phase of life is she in? What are her hobbies and interests? Where does she hang out? What does she value? What are her spending habits?

While you can’t sell to your target customer exclusively, knowing who she is will help you narrow your focus and became an expert at finding her and servicing her needs.

2. Use your catalogs.

Keep one catalog for yourself to make notes on product information and questions people ask.

Give out catalogs freely. Treat them like business cards! You can even provide people with sticky notes so they can mark the items they want to buy. Tell them “If there are more than five, you should host a party!”

Ask a few friends and family members to mark their favorite items to give you an idea of what will be popular so you can educate yourself on those first.

Ask a friend who is also in direct sales if she would give out your catalogs when she delivers orders to her customers–and do the same for her. That’s great cross-promotion!

3. Have a launch party.

Make yourself the hostess so you can reap the hostess rewards to build your collection of samples or inventory.

Invite people personally, whether over the phone or in person. Emails, Facebook event requests and e-vites don’t mean as much as hearing your voice does.

Offer incentives to them when they bring a friend.

Keep the food and drinks simple so the focus stays on the products you’re selling. And eat first so they don’t think about the food during the entire presentation!

Have door prizes and multiple ways to earn entries. People love winning prizes, even if they just cost you $1.

4. Always tell your story about WHY you chose the company you are with and what your goals are.

People will connect to your story and want to help you accomplish your goals. It could also help you attract a new team member!

5. Showcase YOUR favorite products.

People will love what you love! Plus you’ll know all about them and can answer questions people have about them.

6. Remember that YOU are your best advertisement!

Wear your company logo shirts and your name tag.

Use or wear your products as much as possible or carry a bag with clear pockets so you can insert pictures of your products. Be prepared to give your “elevator pitch” when people inquire! (P.S. If you need help with your “elevator pitch,” contact me for a consultation!)

Give your products as gifts.

Hand out samples as much as possible.

7. Find “power partners” with compatible businesses (or people who work with or for your target customer).

These are people who will refer new customers to you and vice versa. This is how you build your customer base beyond your warm market.

8. Embrace the power of social media…but establish boundaries.

Social media is important for communicating with people, offering promotions and keeping your business “top of mind” for your customers…but don’t let it take over your life. Set time limits and eliminate lengthy back-and-forth exchanges with a phone call.

9. Keep it FUN!

Don’t get so caught up in SELLING that for lose your sense of fun in the process. Remember, people are drawn to YOU first, THEN to your products.

10. Lastly, be tenacious and keep at it.

Direct sales consultants are notorious for giving up within the first year, just about the time that business would have really picked up if they had just stuck to it. It takes time for people to be sold on what you do and for you to build your business.

Outlast the competition! Remember why you got started in the first place and never lose your passion.

There is plenty of business for you out there–you just have to go get it!

Do you have questions about direct sales success? Fire away and I will do my best to answer!

Why You Should Keep Wearing Your Matchy-Matchy Jewelry

Depending on how trendy you are, the days of matchy-matchy jewelry sets may seem outdated to you by anywhere from one to ten years.

I remember the days when you’d wear a PINK top with PINK jewelry like this:

fantabulous women pink jewelry set

Or you’d wear a white blouse or a denim top with a cute matching shell set like this:

fantabulous women shell jewelry set

In 2013, the trend (much like in home decor) is leaning more toward a mix-and-match or “eclectic” approach.

GOOD NEWS! You can keep your matching sets!

Just break them up with other pieces to stay chic and on-trend!

Here’s what I did today (as an example):

fantabulous women break up your matchy jewelry

Instead of wearing the matching bracelet, earrings and necklace, I swapped the earrings for plain pearl earrings and layered on a pearl bracelet, too.

I could have also worn the earrings from the set with a plain silver chain necklace, or swapped the bracelet for plain silver bangles.

The point is, wear the pieces you have, but combine them with other pieces to create a more sophisticated look.

Maybe you just need a pair of hoops and a bangle bracelet so your sets don’t look so matchy-matchy anymore. Have fun and…

Happy accessorizing!

Do you own matchy-matchy sets? What pieces can you use to break them up a bit?

Five Secrets to a More Beautiful Morning

If you’re joining us from the FanTABulous Women email newsletter, welcome!

Do you find yourself wishing for a smoother morning routine that also helps you start your day looking and feeling your best?

Here are my five secrets!

fantabulous women morning routine


1. Choose your outfit the night before. Try it on and lay out everything you will need, including undergarments, shoes and accessories. There’s nothing more stressful than searching for a lone camisole or errant earring when you’re racing against the clock in the morning!

2. Have a simple everyday makeup look easily accessible. Set aside your wild eye shadows and bold lipsticks for special occasions. Make sure that your basic foundation and mascara, along with two to three eye shadows and a blush in neutral shades, are handy so you have no excuse for leaving the house without makeup on.

3. Start your day in a happy place. Take time to sip a cup of coffee, read a page from an inspiring book, repeat your personal mantra, stretch your body or write in your journal before the craziness of the day sets in. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with a smile on her face and a spring in her step!


4. Keep healthy breakfast foods on hand. Whether it’s a boiled egg, protein bar, V8 juice or cheese stick, eating a healthy breakfast doesn’t have to mean sitting down to a hot meal. You’ll feel better all day if you start it with good fuel and having something you can grab on your way out the door will help guard against desperate donut purchases.

5. Get a grip on your to-do list. Whether twenty items or three, spend some time with your to-do list in the morning and map out your day. Consider tackling your hardest task first, followed by a fun task, to start your day well. Try to schedule in some “me time,” too, even if it’s just flipping through a new magazine in the school car line or enjoying a special treat with your lunch.

Here’s to a happier and more FanTABulous morning!

Could your morning routine use some help? What ideas would you consider implementing this week?

My NEW FanTABulous Women Teaching Series!


I am thrilled to announce the launch of a long-time dream of mine–I am starting an eight-week teaching series right in my own home, all about being a FanTABulous Woman!

Here’s a blurb from my Facebook event page:

This is the best of what I teach, preach and blog about, all in one series!

The tools, resources and accountability women need to live a life of passion, confidence and influence.

Come to a class you need, come to share your own expertise, come to network or just come to hang out and have a cup of tea!

Practical, simple and hands-on, this eight-week series will be held every Tuesday night in my home studio in south Chandler. 5:30-6:00 is tea time, 6:00-8:00 is class and 8:00-8:30 is networking and Q&A.

{see the list of classes below}

You are encouraged to join the FanTABulous Women community for $350 (payable by check or Paypal).

Your membership includes:

  • an all-access pass to all classes in the series all year long
  • an invitation to the FanTABulous Women secret Facebook group
  • FREE admission to field trips plus discounts on retreats
  • a thirty minute one-on-one Creative Consultation with me
  • EVERYTHING you see in the photo below (yes, the basket, too!)
  • the FanTABulous Women notebook with ALL course materials and handouts
  • the best of my personal library (“Good To Great” by Jim Collins, “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach, “Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad” by Shari Braendel and “Organized Simplicity” by Tsh Oxenreider)
  • pocket color wheel
  • customized makeup look and compact (three eye shadows, blush and lipstick or gloss)
  • journal
  • “Satin Hands” set for at-home pampering

The retail value of the materials alone is well over $400.

FanTABulous Women teaching series course materials

All included when you join the FanTABulous Women community!

You may also audit any class(es) you choose for $25, which includes the handouts for that night. You may buy books and materials individually, too, but the real value is in the package deal, above.

Feel free to invite a friend, colleague or family member to come along!


1. Living an authentic life according to your personal mission statement.
2. Practicing practical spirituality and living with an attitude of gratitude.
3. Style and wardrobe help, dressing your body and revamping your closet.
4. Color analysis, creating a daily makeup look and following a daily skin care routine.
5. Home: having a “Mom Cave,” hospitality, entertaining and “Good Enough Housekeeping.”
6. Health & wellness, fertility, sleep, self-care, at-home pampering and making time for yourself.
7. The Five Love Languages, friendships, mentoring and creating your own board of directors.
8. Communication, networking, maintaining your online presence, pursuing your passion.

Check out my Events Page for the current dates.

For more information, message me on Facebook or visit the Facebook event page.

Bridesmaid Beauty Secrets

Over eleven years ago, Sarah (the best friend of my college roommate), told me that she thought I should meet her brother because we’d really hit it off. Drew and I were introduced at Thanksgiving, were engaged three months to the day later and were married the following August. She was right.

This past weekend, Sarah married HER true love and I was thrilled to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.

Here are some Bridesmaid Beauty Secrets I wanted to share with you.

1. Hair and makeup:

PRACTICE! I did several trial runs and made a few changes each time. Take pictures, too, 1. so you remember what you did and 2. to make sure it translates well to photographs.

Bonus Tip!

fantabulous women bridemaid beauty secrets

Try the dress on to make sure the colors are right. My lips were too light!

DARKEN IT! Even if you usually wear some makeup day to day, you’ll need to darken it. Eyeliner, blush and lipstick are musts or your features will disappear and you will look washed out.

2. Get a tan.

I cannot recommend visiting a tanning bed in good conscience. I can tell you that there are a lot of effective and affordable self-tanning options available, including spray tanning. Besides adding color, it can also eliminate tan lines if your bridesmaids dress is cut differently than what you wear when sun bathing.

3. Consider your undergarments.

Stick-on bras, strapless bras or convertible bras–choose the one that offers the best lift and coverage and that is completely hidden beneath your dress.

4. Get a manicure and pedicure.

Besides feeling better when your toes and nails are done, it will look better in pictures. You don’t want dry, cracked heels to detract from your dress.

Here is how my look came together (with my mom outside of the church):

fantabulouswomen bridesmaid beauty secrets


I hope these insider tips help you when you prepare for your next special occasion!

Do you have other tips to share, or questions to ask? Leave a comment or visit my Facebook page!

Makeup organization tips!

It is now mid-January and I think a lot of us are in ‘life improvement mode.’ Maybe you’re like me and want to start the year with a clean slate, including your makeup drawer. Or drawers. Or in my case, my drawers, medicine cabinet, under-the-sink area and a few boxes in my closet. Sheesh.

Here’s a glimpse at my set-up in the master bathroom. Look closely and you can see my beloved garden tub in the mirror reflection. I try to keep things on the counter beautiful AND functional.

fantabulous women makeup organization

Where I (never) sit to do my makeup.

fantabulous women makeup organization

A tray, bowl and cup keep items contained and easily accessible.

fantabulous women bathroom organization

A pretty bowl keeps my daily jewelry neat and dry.

Here’s a trick! This is a great way to keep items separated so you can see and use them easily.

utensil organizer for makeup

Use a kitchen utensil organizer for your makeup!

Yes, I have a lot more makeup than you see here. This is what I keep it in, separated by warm vs. cool, with everyday items (eyelid primer, brow gel) in the top drawer and rarely used items (glitter, powder) in the bottom drawer.

fantabulous women makeup organization 5 drawer

Perfect for storing makeup on your bathroom counter.

What are your biggest makeup organizational challenges? What do you hope to change for 2013?

My Smokey Eye Tutorial Video!

A lovely look for the holidays!


Plan on giving it a try?? Let me know how you do, or what questions you have!


Office Makeover (full disclosure)

I love my home office.

Someday I may rent an office space but for now, I love the comfort and convenience of being home, especially because it affords me extra quality time with my three-year-old. Yes, I often play Crazy 8s with him while I’m using the computer or put him in front of the TV with a snack when I need to take a call.

The walls are turquoise, the pretty office supplies are plentiful and I get sunshine in the window all day long. Plus my husband planted roses right outside the window that I get to enjoy.

let me rephrase that roses outside my office window

This is the picture I use online of my desk/work space. I share the space with my husband for the time being. Naturally this is the cleaned-up version.

let me rephrase that desk where the magic happens

Here is the full disclosure part…THIS  is where I usually work: at my craft table on the laptop. I am involved in a LOT of projects at the moment all the time, so there’s no shortage of STUFF. This is actually the cleaned up version! Notice the crafting supplies and miscellaneous clutter that surrounds me while I work. I don’t mind it, but I would like it to be more…calm.

my work space letmerephrasethat

I admit it, I do dream of having an office like this…

office image on letmerephrasethat

…or this…

fantabulous women dream office

…or this.

office image 2 letmerephrasethat

So I have teamed up with my friend and colleague, Sherry, of Totally Transformed to help me de-clutter and reorganize my space, including my vast amount of craft supplies and Mary Kay paraphernalia. I am hoping to get myself super-organized so that I can work my business even MORE efficiently and with MORE creativity!

I’ll keep you updated on my progress but for now, it’s in the ‘way worse before it gets better’ phase. This is my desk currently, as I purge and sort.

let me rephrase that office makeover during

I am all about making your environment WORK for you, so I hope that some of what I learn from this transformation will help or inspire some of my readers.

Does your work space need a makeover? What do you LOVE about your space…and what do you dream about changing?? Please comment.

Beauty Lessons

Aaaaah, beauty.

Whether plain or gussied up, women can downplay or overplay their beauty for all the wrong reasons.

On any given day, we can interact with a woman who looks totally put-together but is falling apart on the inside…or a woman who looks like a hot mess but actually has it all going on.

Some truly fashionable women can’t afford stylish clothes while some of the richest women I know always look like they forgot to take a peek in their gold gilded mirror that morning.

Skinny girls may have an eating disorder or a medical condition…and the same goes for bigger girls!

Who can ever tell!?!

The point, of course, is that you can’t assume anything about a woman based on her looks.

I’ve learned not to assume anymore. I do know for sure, however, that EVERY woman struggles with her looks and how it relates to her identity and EVERY woman wants to look and feel beautiful.

As a long-time fan of all things beauty and as someone who has struggled with various aspects of my physical appearance ALL of my life, here are a few lessons I have learned first hand, whether from women I have met or from my own struggles and triumphs.

  • Sometimes the prettiest woman in the room is also the most insecure and is just trying to prove something (usually to herself).
  • Sometimes the least attractive woman in the room is also the most well-adjusted, delightful and confident.
  • Sometimes the ‘plain’ girls don’t want attention from anyone, especially males, because they only male attention they’ve gotten has been negative.
  • Sometimes the ‘plain’ girls don’t think they deserve attention from ANYone and prefer to stay hidden (but secretly yearn to feel beautiful and be complimented).
  • Sometimes the ‘plain’ girls are 100% OK and just prefer to look plain.
  • Sometimes the girls who always look ‘put together’ are neither overly confident nor overly insecure–they have just learned how to put themselves together.
  • EVERY woman is insecure about SOME aspect of her appearance.
  • You have at least one physical feature that someone you know envies.
  • No one is going around trying to guess your dress or bra size. I once revealed that I was finally able to fit back into a size six dress and several people said, “I thought you were always like a size 4!” Um…no. We tend to think WE look bigger than we are, but we guess other people are SMALLER than they are. Go figure. {pun intended}
  • If you go to an event and feel awkward about something related to your appearance and feel like everyone will notice, rest assured that every woman in the room is too busy obsessing about her OWN appearance to give any thought to yours.
  • You’d be surprised at how many gorgeous women wish they could just blend in and be appreciated for something other than their looks.
  • You’d be surprised at how many below-average women would give anything to look beautiful–if only they knew how.
  • Sometimes that thin girl you envy is actually so stressed out that she has lost her appetite (that was me once)…
  • …and the girl who is ‘chubby’ is on steroid asthma inhalers that cause her to retain water and puff up (also me once).
  • Sometimes the woman who overdoes it on the makeup and hair and looks like she’s just begging for attention is actually a cosmetology student who has NO ‘dad issues’ and just likes to play with hair and makeup styles!
  • Sometimes the woman who achieves an ‘effortlessly messy’ look actually spent all morning on it….
  • ….yet the woman who looks like she spent the day in a salon actually DOES wake up looking that way! {I am not that woman}
  • I have learned the importance of making an effort to look my best EVERY day, so you definitely can’t assume anything about me from how I look! :)

What Beauty Lessons have YOU learned over the years, about yourself or others?

Beauty Lessons from

Tab’s Beauty Tip #5: How To Wear Red Lipstick

Or check it out on YouTube

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