FanTABulous Quote #6

Never be afraid of looking too smart or too FanTABulous. Dress up, be witty–knock their socks off any chance you get.

FanTABulous Quote #5

This one came to me and I wanted to share. That’s a rose bud on the bush my son got me for Mother’s Day. faith quote

Have you had to exercise your faith muscles lately?

FanTABulous Quote #4: Beauty

FanTABulous Quote #2

people remember how you make them feel maya angelou

How do you want people to feel when they are around you? How can you make people feel good today?

FanTABulous quote #1

fantabulous women favorite quote #1: Veronica Shoffstall "Plan your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers."

I have loved this quote since I bought it on a rubber stamp back in about 1998. The idea that we need to nurture ourselves and make an effort to bring beauty into our lives is so very FanTABulous!

Here’s my attempt: a bowl of collected shells and a rose from the bush my oldest son gave me for Mother’s Day┬áin my favorite bird bud vase on my writing desk. They make my heart happy!

bowl of shells and bird bud vase with rose from my yard: so FanTABulous

What do YOU do to ‘plant your own garden’ or ‘decorate your own soul?’ Please share in the comments, it would make my day!

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