Ten Image Tips for Professionals

Most of us aren’t required to look 100% professional 24/7.

It is inevitable that you will run into a colleague at the grocery store when you are still in your workout clothes or at the home improvement store when you are in your yard work clothes. I don’t know anyone who lives their entire life in a suit.

However, for those times when you want to look like the most professional version of yourself, here are some image tips. The main goals are to represent yourself well, to look like you’ve got it together and to not distract anyone with how you look.

professional image tips tabitha dumas

Ladies & Gentlemen

1. Have a mint and save the gum for weekends. Chewing gum just looks silly in a professional environment, plus you may be like me and be tempted to blow bubbles, making you look like an eight-year-old.

2. Put your sunglasses away. You can’t imagine how many times I see people sitting in a meeting with their sunglasses perched on their head. Ladies, sunglasses are NOT a headband.

3. Clean up your shoes. Nothing looks more careless than dirty shoes. If you live somewhere dusty, keep wet wipes handy to clean up before entering a meeting.

4. Keep your nails trimmed and clean. Ladies, nude and light colors look best for your fingers (and use your discretion when it comes to your toes–you can probably get away with bold colors if you prefer).

5. Mind your body language. Maintain proper posture and when someone is speaking, make eye contact, nod and smile as appropriate.


professional woman fantabulous image tips for professionals

6. Don’t overdo the cleavage or the exposed leg. Don’t let your skin be a distraction or affect your credibility. In fact, I recommend against spaghetti straps in the office and even sleeveless tops unless it is very modestly cut. Knee-length skirts or longer are also recommended. Oh, and when you wear a skirt, make sure it is lined or PLEASE wear a slip.

7. Beware of “dress shorts” and even “dress capris,”  meaning fancier shorts and capris that are supposed to be office-worthy (like with pin stripes). Just make sure your overall look says “Professional” and not “about to board a cruise.”

8. Wear some makeup. It is a proven fact that women are considered more confident and competent when they wear simple, flattering makeup. Even out your skin tone with tinted moisturizer or foundation and accentuate your best features with a little mascara, plus a neutral blush and light lip gloss.


professional man fantabulous image tips for professionals

8. Keep your hair groomed. That means your facial hair, ears and nose, too! Consider waxing that uni-brow and PLEASE trim your long eyebrows.

9. Be bold with color! Don’t shy away from colors other than black, navy or gray. Whether a collared shirt or a dress shirt, most men (especially those of you with salt-and-pepper hair) look great in purple, red, a shade of turquoise and even orange. If your job requires you to be more conservative, consider a purple or pink-hued tie instead.

When you look your best, you will be AT your best!

What do YOU think should be added to this list?

Need help with your professional image? Contact me to schedule a “Next Step Assessment” to determine how we can work together to elevate your look to the next level! 

Trick for Dressing Slimmer

Want to camouflage your hips or belly area? 

There’s a solution often referred to as “column dressing” and it involves creating a long vertical line with your clothing.

This one uses all dark colors for your inner garments and a POP of color on the outside. The eye forgets about bulges or bumps and focuses instead of your pretty arms and that lovely color!

Plus a cute jacket like this also “nips in” the waist, too, creating an hourglass effect. 

fantabulous women column dressing

Try it sometime!

I Need Hair Advice!

I’ve worn my hair from 2″ short to all the way down to my waist in the past 15 years and every style has had its positives and negatives.

I’ve been wearing a chin-length bob for a while now and I’m ready for a change.

A few things to know:

I have been told that I do not have thick hair–I have a LOT of thin hair. My hair dressers have often had to “thin” my hair–a LOT.

I have something of a cowlick in front so “straight bangs” are a challenge.

I don’t like having hair in my eyes or in front of my face, meaning that it needs to be short or able to be tucked behind my ear.

I like shorter styles in summer.

I am not a big fan of my current hair cut. When I saw these pictures, all I could think was Bozo The Clown. I had a bad perm once that has a decidedly triangular shape that I never want to go back to. It just sticks out too much on the ends.

bozo hair

Now I want something a little more sleek, chic and funky.

Shorter is OK, too, because starting in a few weeks, we’ll be in my folks’ pool several times a week and I would like something cooler AND short enough to avoid having wet hair on my neck all the time.

So! Any feedback on some of these options??

fantabulous women hair styles chin length bob

Chin-length bob, cut close to the head.

fantabulous women hairstyles messy bob

Maybe a messier bob?

fantabulous women hair possibility

A pretty and soft version.

choppy bob fantabulous women hair

Bangs and choppy?

And just for fun, check this out. This is what started this conversation: my lovely and creative friend Jen sent me a message that said she could see me with THIS cut! What do you think?? But picture it in brown, of course! She says it would show off my long neck…and my earrings!

fantabulous women hairstyles


Hairstyles are tricky! Feedback is appreciated!

What about you? Do you love your hair today? Is there a hairstyle you’ve always wanted to try?

See my NEW Jewelry Basics

I have, ahem, a LOT of jewelry.

A lot.

I have an entire jewelry chest dedicated to my fine jewelry, which overflows into a drawer organizer, a bowl and a crystal dish on top of my dresser.

I also have enough costume jewelry that I could probably wear a different ensemble every day for three months with no repeats. No kidding.

Yet I needed more.

Just like your clothes, you probably have pieces that you don’t wear because you don’t have a complimentary piece.

Well, I needed some basics to be able to wear some of my favorite pieces, including the fine jewelry that my friends and family have so lovingly gifted to me over the years.

Here are my new basics:

fantabulous women jewelry basicsLet me break it down for you.

Long necklace with matching hoop earrings in gold and silver.

fantabulous women jewelry basics necklaces

Cuff bracelets, one in silver and one in gold. The gold even has some bling!

fantabulous women cuff bracelets

Long pearls to double or triple and to wear with other pieces + a silver ring.

fantabulous women jewerly long pearls

All this for about $100 AND a portion of my purchase benefitted the local Pregnancy Care Center of Chandler.

Now I have lots of mix-and-match options and can wear some of my other pieces that have been hidden in a drawer for far too long.

What do YOU need to add to your jewelry wardrobe?

Do you have the other 12 Must-Have Wardrobe Pieces?

Does your wardrobe WORK for you?

These items are a definite MUST for having a working wardrobe!

fantabulous women other wardrobe basics

____ A good-fitting bra (with the goal of having three: one to wear, one to “rest” and one in the wash)

____ A shaper suited to your body type

____ A good selection of panties

____ A FanTABulous handbag that shows your personality

____ Flats you wear almost every day

____ Heels or wedges

____ Boots to wear with your jeans or trousers

____ Tennis shoes

____ Hoop earrings

____ A ring for your right hand

____ A watch that reflects your personality

____ Sunglasses

If your hips are wider than your shoulders, remember to add shoulder pads to the list.

PLEASE NOTE: Like most of my content, this list is taken from Shari Braendel’s book “Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad: A Style Guide for Every Woman” right here on Amazon.com.

Happy shopping!

Need personal shopping assistance? Contact me! Rates start at just $50/hour.

Do you have these 12 Wardrobe Must-Haves?

Like most of my content, this list is taken from Shari Braendel’s book “Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad: A Style Guide for Every Woman” right here on Amazon.com.

Tired of buying duplicates of the same item because you don’t know what’s in your closet? Do you wish you could go shopping for exactly the right pieces to add to your wardrobe?

Start shopping on purpose!

fantabulous women wardrobe basics

Use this check-list to inventory your closet then make a list of what you need to buy. Keep your list in your purse for impromptu shopping trips.

____ Jeans in a dark wash to wear with heels or boots

____ Jeans to wear with flats or casual shoes

____ A denim jacket in a neutral color*

____ A white or off-white blouse*

____ A suit (a jacket and pants, or skirt) in a neutral color that flatters you.* Choose a fabric that you can wear all year.

____ A flattering dress in chocolate, black, charcoal or navy*

____ A cashmere or cotton sweater in a soft color

____ A silk or cotton blouse in a print or solid pop color*

____ A V-neck or scoop-neck T-shirt in chocolate, black, charcoal or navy.* Look for one with 3/4″ sleeves.

____ Khaki, tweed, corduroy, linen, cotton or wool slacks

____ A jogging suit in your favorite color (for hanging out at home)

____ A lightweight coat

*Wondering what your best neutral or POP colors are? Check out my previous post all about determining your Dominant Color Category and make sure to “follow” the corresponding Pinterest board, too.

Ideally, each piece will reflect your individual style, whether modern, vintage, eclectic or something else. They may be basic pieces, but they should still be “you!”

With these basics in your closet, you can create lots of different combinations!

Stay tuned for the OTHER dozen essential items AND your must-have spring items, coming soon!

What pieces do you need to add to your wardrobe? Need help editing your closet and determining your must-haves? Contact me for a Closet Makeover!


What is your Dominant Color Category?

I want to help you discover your Dominant Color Category so I can then recommend wardrobe items like scarves, blazers and floral prints for your unique coloring AND tell you what HOT seasonal colors will work for you.

This concept comes from Shari Braendel‘s book “Good Girls Don’t Have To Dress Bad” found on Amazon. I highly recommend the book and I ADORE Shari. This is Shari with my mom and me at an event last year at ASU.

fantabulous women tabitha dumas with shari braendel


I have a Pinterest board for each category that I curate on an ongoing basis.

I invite you to ”follow” the board for your category.

There are six categories:

1. Light. Naturally blonde or white hair. Fair skin tone. Light to medium eye color.

fantabulous women dominant color category light

The LIGHT Pinterest board

2. Deep. Medium to dark brown or black hair. Medium to dark skin tone. Hazel, brown or black eyes.

fantabulous women dominant color category deep

The DEEP Pinterest board.

3. Soft. Light to medium brown hair (or ‘mousy’ or ‘dishwater blonde’). Light to medium skin tone. Medium intensity eye color like hazel, brown, blue or green.

fanTABulous women dominant color category soft

The SOFT Pinterest board.

4. Clear. Dark medium brown to black hair. Very light or medium skin tone. Bright eye colors (green, blue or hazel) or dark brown.

FanTabulous women dominant color category clear

The CLEAR Pinterest board.

5. Warm. Red hair or golden blonde or brown hair with reddish highlights. Any skin tone, sometimes with freckles. Green, blue, brown or hazel eyes.

fantabulous women dominant color category warm

The WARM Pinterest board.

6. Cool. Silver, gray or ash brown hair. Light to medium skin tone (often with a pink undertone). Blue, green, hazel or brown eyes.

Fantabulous women dominant color category cool

The COOL Pinterest board.

Not sure which category you fall into? Wondering if you got it right?

Use Shari’s Color Enalysis tool.

I hope this helps, and I hope you’ll keep checking back for recommendations related to YOUR Dominant Color Category!

Five Must-Have Jewelry Pieces

If you are joining us from the FanTABulous Women newsletter, WELCOME!

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My FanTABulous Women class this week is all about dressing for AND accessorizing your specific body type.

TWO special guest presenters will be sharing all about using accessories to compliment your shape and help you look and feel your best. We will also be discussing how many accessories are appropriate to wear, how to choose a purse and much more!

It’s a can’t-miss event and only $10 to attend! PRIZES will be given, too, and every attendee receives a FREE GIFT!

The Facebook event link so you can RSVP is HERE.

Now. What do I say are your must-have jewelry pieces??

1. Statement earrings

Whether your style is simple hoops or blinged-out chandelier earrings, you need a go-to pair of earrings that are totally “you.”

fantabulous women must have jewelry statement earrings

2. Cuff bracelet

It adds interest to an outfit and is a stylish piece that will help you stand out. A stack of bangles works, too.

fantabulous women must have jewelry cuff bracelet

3. A long multi-functional necklace

Links or beads, it can dress up an outfit and be worn long or short (and sometimes even as a belt). This is the “Francesca” by Premier and it can be worn long, doubled or as a belt!

fantabulous women must have jewelry francesca premier

4. A right-hand ring

Whether petite or gigantic…fine or costume…a ring on your right hand is a nice touch.

fantabulous women must have jewelry right hand ring

5. Pearls

Pearl earrings and a simple pearl necklace will never go out of style and will always help you feel lady-like and polished.

fantabulous women must have jewelry pearls

To find out #6, subscribe to the newsletter!

What must-have jewelry piece do you LOVE to wear? What do you need to ADD to your jewelry collection? Share in the comments or hop onto the Facebook page!

Stay tuned for Spring 2013′s list of five must-have jewelry pieces!

Good Reasons to Arrange Your Closet By Color

Closet organization is a personal and somewhat complicated issue.

One option is arranging your closet contents by color.

The picture below represents my tops arranged by color:

White, red, pink, purple, blue, gray, turquoise, green, brown and peach.

fantabulous women closet organization

You’ll notice the same order in the stack of long-sleeved tops on the top shelf as well as in the hanging organizer.

My shoes are arranged by color, too. Silver in the front and brown in the middle row.

Here are some good reasons to arrange your closet by colors:

1. You enjoy wearing color. And I hope you do!

2. You coordinate your outfits based on color {like this one, source FashionistaTrends.com}

FanTABulouswomen closet organization fashionistatrends.com

3. Seeing a rainbow in your closet makes you happy.

If you are one of my ladies who pins color-coordinated outfits on Pinterest, arranging your closet by color is probably a great idea.

Jot down a few of your favorite looks {like the navy, green and white combo pictured above} and go to your closet to put some outfits together.

In the interest of full disclosure, my closet is currently arranged by the type of garment (short-sleeve, long skirt, etc.)–pictures coming soon.

Would you enjoy having your closet arranged by color? Why or why not? Leave a comment here or hop on over to Facebook to keep the conversation going!

Need help with organizing your closet to YOU can dress to look your best every day? Schedule a time for us to spend an hour together in YOUR closet!

My NEW FanTABulous Women Teaching Series!


I am thrilled to announce the launch of a long-time dream of mine–I am starting an eight-week teaching series right in my own home, all about being a FanTABulous Woman!

Here’s a blurb from my Facebook event page:

This is the best of what I teach, preach and blog about, all in one series!

The tools, resources and accountability women need to live a life of passion, confidence and influence.

Come to a class you need, come to share your own expertise, come to network or just come to hang out and have a cup of tea!

Practical, simple and hands-on, this eight-week series will be held every Tuesday night in my home studio in south Chandler. 5:30-6:00 is tea time, 6:00-8:00 is class and 8:00-8:30 is networking and Q&A.

{see the list of classes below}

You are encouraged to join the FanTABulous Women community for $350 (payable by check or Paypal).

Your membership includes:

  • an all-access pass to all classes in the series all year long
  • an invitation to the FanTABulous Women secret Facebook group
  • FREE admission to field trips plus discounts on retreats
  • a thirty minute one-on-one Creative Consultation with me
  • EVERYTHING you see in the photo below (yes, the basket, too!)
  • the FanTABulous Women notebook with ALL course materials and handouts
  • the best of my personal library (“Good To Great” by Jim Collins, “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach, “Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad” by Shari Braendel and “Organized Simplicity” by Tsh Oxenreider)
  • pocket color wheel
  • customized makeup look and compact (three eye shadows, blush and lipstick or gloss)
  • journal
  • “Satin Hands” set for at-home pampering

The retail value of the materials alone is well over $400.

FanTABulous Women teaching series course materials

All included when you join the FanTABulous Women community!

You may also audit any class(es) you choose for $25, which includes the handouts for that night. You may buy books and materials individually, too, but the real value is in the package deal, above.

Feel free to invite a friend, colleague or family member to come along!


1. Living an authentic life according to your personal mission statement.
2. Practicing practical spirituality and living with an attitude of gratitude.
3. Style and wardrobe help, dressing your body and revamping your closet.
4. Color analysis, creating a daily makeup look and following a daily skin care routine.
5. Home: having a “Mom Cave,” hospitality, entertaining and “Good Enough Housekeeping.”
6. Health & wellness, fertility, sleep, self-care, at-home pampering and making time for yourself.
7. The Five Love Languages, friendships, mentoring and creating your own board of directors.
8. Communication, networking, maintaining your online presence, pursuing your passion.

Check out my Events Page for the current dates.

For more information, message me on Facebook or visit the Facebook event page.

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