Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Having worked at a Hallmark store for three years, I distinctly remember the last-minute rush EVERY year in the days leading up to Mother’s Day.

Thankfully, my mom already went through my Mary Kay inventory and chose HER gift–now I just have to wrap it!

Do YOU need some last-minute ideas?

Here are things you can get at almost any corner store and put together for a thoughtful gift.

Toss a ribbon around it or plunk it into a gift bag and you’re good to go! KEYWORD: “pretty!”

An artist’s sketchbook and some colored pencils or watercolors

A blank journal and a pretty pen

A pretty mug and a selection of tea or coffee (or coffee syrups)

A pretty frame

Gourmet cookies or snacks

Flavored vodka. There are so many options now!

A pretty scarf or wrap in her favorite color

Hand lotion and a calming candle for bedtime

Flowers in a pretty pot

Or I can help you out!

I do offer gift certificates and can even send you some verbiage for enclosing in Mom’s card!

Here are some of my offerings that your mom would LOVE!

:: Color analysis and beauty makeover (including going through her current products as well as recommending new ones)

fantabulous women tabitha dumas makeovers mothers day

:: An hour (or more) of my personal shopping services along with a gift card to her favorite store

:: Assistance with setting up an at-home spa experience

:: A closet overhaul and wardrobe assessment

fantabulous women closet organization

:: A whole new skin care regimen or a new makeup look (plus the Ten Minute Face Tutorial for applying makeup in a flash) neutral makeup look

Neutral everyday makeup look.

Prices start at just $25 and YES, almost all of my services are available in-person and virtually!

Contact me for more information! (602) 349-1129 or letmerephrasethat(at)

I do also have a few impressive Mary Kay items left if you happen to be local. I could even wrap and ship them for you!

The Mary Kay Mint Blossom pedicure set is just $25 and includes the cute bag, foot bath fizzy balls, a pumice, a cute nail file and the AMAZING Mint Blossom Icy Foot Gel. It smells terrific!

fantabulous pedicure set

I also have the classic Satin Hands pampering set for $36. Perfect for keeping Mom’s hands soft and smooth!

satinhands fantabulous mothers day

I have eye shadow, blush, lipstick and lip gloss, too (from $6.50 to $16)–just tell me about your mom’s coloring and I can recommend the right shades!

I hope this helps and I wish YOU and your family a very Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m featured in Go Gilbert! magazine!

Now, THIS is something you don’t see every day…ME in a magazine spread!

I am featured in the current issue of Go Gilbert! magazine about working moms in Gilbert, Arizona.

For those of you who don’t know, I am an active (and outspoken) member of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber gave Go Gilbert! my name for this article and I am so grateful for the opportunity! It was a blast to fill out the questionaire and to go to Scottsdale for my photoshoot.

I am thrilled with how it turned out and feel honored to share the pages with the other amazing local working mothers!

go gilbert magazine fantabulous women tabitha dumas

The online version is HERE. And while you go look, tell me…is it just me, or does the pink font they used look an awful lot like my blog…??

There are lots of other great things to check out in the magazine, too, especially if you’re in the Phoenix east valley. Yes, I will also have hard copies available to autograph soon. For my parents.

Ready for the behind-the-scenes story?

I love coordinating my outfits on any given day but when I had the chance to go to a photoshoot, I paid EXTRA attention!

Dress: $16 from Ross (the print was called Tea Room, which is perfect because I love tea!)
Jacket: $30-something from JCPenney (it looks like a blazer but is soft and VERY comfortable–perfect!)
Shoes: Old heels from who-knows-where
Faux tan (and digitally re-touched–yes, I agreed to let him touch up the moles on my face and smooth my legs but he probably did more than that…and Spanx don’t hurt, either)
Bracelet: $60-something from Brighton, borrowed from my mom

Little-known fact: I took “modeling classes” at the age of about 13. Yes, we learned how to walk a catwalk, pose for pictures, apply makeup for both color and black and white photographs and a lot more that I still draw upon to this day. Am I photogenic? Maybe, but I also have a lot of practice!

Here’s the best part. I was number five to be photographed and the photographer showed me the pictures from the gals that had already had their turn so we could choose some new poses.

I went back to a conversation my mom and I had had the day before as I modeled my outfit options.

“Ooo, Mom! Remember this from the 80s Glamour Shots?” and I tossed my jacket over my shoulder with one finger and gave her a lethal stare.

“I kinda like it,” she said and we laughed.

“I could try the jacket-tossed-over-the-shoulder look,” I suggested to the photographer.

“Let’s see how it looks,” he said.

We did a few different angles and a few over each shoulder, modifying my feet and arms a few times and five minutes later, we were sitting at his computer, choosing our favorite.

“Wait until my mom hears about THIS!” I cackled all the way home.

Just when you think those modeling classes will never come in handy…

Colorful Friday: The perfect turquoise top for your coloring

I tell people all the time that turquoise is a universally flattering color on just about anyone.

turquoise top for your coloring fantabulouswomen

Check out how beautiful EVERY color category looks in turquoise!

LIGHT (go with pale and icy)

fantabulous women turquoise top light

DEEP (deeper and more saturated tones work best)

deep turquoise top fantabulous women

CLEAR (the brighter, the better)

fantabulous women clear turquoise top

WARM (a warmer shade is lovely)

antabulous women warm turquoise top

SOFT (a medium tone works beautifully)

fantabulous women soft turquoise top

COOL (pretty when trimmed in black)

fantabulous women cool turquoise top

Not sure of your Dominant Color Category? Check out this post to find yours or take the Color Enalysis on Shari Braendel’s website.

Are you already wearing turquoise or do you need to go shopping??


Bras For Warm Weather

The warmer weather is upon is and now it is becoming time again for sundresses, tanks and strapless tops.

Ladies, listen up: no one wants to see your bra straps.

Doing a “layered look” with tanks and camis is OK, but exposed bra straps are not. Just this woman’s opinion.

So…what to do??

For most tanks and sleeveless tops, a T strap bra works well. It keeps your straps from showing and from falling down over your shoulders.

fantabulous women racer back bra

They’re also called racer back bras and can look like this, too:

racer back fantabulous women warm bras

Check this out! You can use these cool clips on a regular bra to MAKE it into a racer back! There’s a clear version available, too. They’re available in the lingerie department of most retail stores, including Target and Walmart.

fantabulous women hide bra straps

Of course, when in doubt, go strapless.

stapless bra fantabulous women warm weather

A convertible bra is also an excellent choice and gives you many options.

convertible bra fantabulous women

Finally, if you’re investing in a good “speciality bra,” buy it to match your skin tone so you can wear it under white, black and everything in between.

Your bra shouldn’t match your clothes–it should match YOU!

Do you need a new bra to add to your wardrobe for this spring and summer?

See my NEW Jewelry Basics

I have, ahem, a LOT of jewelry.

A lot.

I have an entire jewelry chest dedicated to my fine jewelry, which overflows into a drawer organizer, a bowl and a crystal dish on top of my dresser.

I also have enough costume jewelry that I could probably wear a different ensemble every day for three months with no repeats. No kidding.

Yet I needed more.

Just like your clothes, you probably have pieces that you don’t wear because you don’t have a complimentary piece.

Well, I needed some basics to be able to wear some of my favorite pieces, including the fine jewelry that my friends and family have so lovingly gifted to me over the years.

Here are my new basics:

fantabulous women jewelry basicsLet me break it down for you.

Long necklace with matching hoop earrings in gold and silver.

fantabulous women jewelry basics necklaces

Cuff bracelets, one in silver and one in gold. The gold even has some bling!

fantabulous women cuff bracelets

Long pearls to double or triple and to wear with other pieces + a silver ring.

fantabulous women jewerly long pearls

All this for about $100 AND a portion of my purchase benefitted the local Pregnancy Care Center of Chandler.

Now I have lots of mix-and-match options and can wear some of my other pieces that have been hidden in a drawer for far too long.

What do YOU need to add to your jewelry wardrobe?

Do you have the other 12 Must-Have Wardrobe Pieces?

Does your wardrobe WORK for you?

These items are a definite MUST for having a working wardrobe!

fantabulous women other wardrobe basics

____ A good-fitting bra (with the goal of having three: one to wear, one to “rest” and one in the wash)

____ A shaper suited to your body type

____ A good selection of panties

____ A FanTABulous handbag that shows your personality

____ Flats you wear almost every day

____ Heels or wedges

____ Boots to wear with your jeans or trousers

____ Tennis shoes

____ Hoop earrings

____ A ring for your right hand

____ A watch that reflects your personality

____ Sunglasses

If your hips are wider than your shoulders, remember to add shoulder pads to the list.

PLEASE NOTE: Like most of my content, this list is taken from Shari Braendel’s book “Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad: A Style Guide for Every Woman” right here on

Happy shopping!

Need personal shopping assistance? Contact me! Rates start at just $50/hour.

What is your Dominant Color Category?

I want to help you discover your Dominant Color Category so I can then recommend wardrobe items like scarves, blazers and floral prints for your unique coloring AND tell you what HOT seasonal colors will work for you.

This concept comes from Shari Braendel‘s book “Good Girls Don’t Have To Dress Bad” found on Amazon. I highly recommend the book and I ADORE Shari. This is Shari with my mom and me at an event last year at ASU.

fantabulous women tabitha dumas with shari braendel


I have a Pinterest board for each category that I curate on an ongoing basis.

I invite you to ”follow” the board for your category.

There are six categories:

1. Light. Naturally blonde or white hair. Fair skin tone. Light to medium eye color.

fantabulous women dominant color category light

The LIGHT Pinterest board

2. Deep. Medium to dark brown or black hair. Medium to dark skin tone. Hazel, brown or black eyes.

fantabulous women dominant color category deep

The DEEP Pinterest board.

3. Soft. Light to medium brown hair (or ‘mousy’ or ‘dishwater blonde’). Light to medium skin tone. Medium intensity eye color like hazel, brown, blue or green.

fanTABulous women dominant color category soft

The SOFT Pinterest board.

4. Clear. Dark medium brown to black hair. Very light or medium skin tone. Bright eye colors (green, blue or hazel) or dark brown.

FanTabulous women dominant color category clear

The CLEAR Pinterest board.

5. Warm. Red hair or golden blonde or brown hair with reddish highlights. Any skin tone, sometimes with freckles. Green, blue, brown or hazel eyes.

fantabulous women dominant color category warm

The WARM Pinterest board.

6. Cool. Silver, gray or ash brown hair. Light to medium skin tone (often with a pink undertone). Blue, green, hazel or brown eyes.

Fantabulous women dominant color category cool

The COOL Pinterest board.

Not sure which category you fall into? Wondering if you got it right?

Use Shari’s Color Enalysis tool.

I hope this helps, and I hope you’ll keep checking back for recommendations related to YOUR Dominant Color Category!

On Becoming A Personal Shopper

I am also a writer and editor in my other life and one of my favorite projects is bio rewrites. I hear it time and time again: “I can’t write about myself!”

I tell them, “Let ME help you look good! It’s so much easier when you do it for someone else!”

So it is with shopping. Let ME choose items FOR you, saving you the time and hassle of choosing them for yourself. Trust me–it’s SO much easier!

Now that I’m doing image consulting full time, I want to build the Personal Shopping aspect.

It already happened, and quite by accident.

I needed to add a few pieces to my wardrobe for spring and summer so I went shopping last night and took my haul over to my mom’s this morning so I could look through her jewelry to borrow some things for a few special occasions that are coming up.

She had to unfortunately attend a funeral later today, so she asked about borrowing something to wear.

She tried on this top and we accessorized it. {yes, that’s my monkey son in the background}

fantabulous women personal shopper

By the time she dropped by later to show me the complete look, she was handing me the money for it. “I want it. You can borrow it.”

fantabulous women personal shopping

Although I’ve done it unofficially for people many times over the years, this was the first time I got paid for it.

Mom loved having a new top to wear in a color and style that was flattering for her (plus the help with accessorizing it!)–and she didn’t have to lift a finger! How cool is that?!?

I can’t wait to help other women, too.

Are you next?? Contact me today to set up your Personal Shopping experience, starting at just $50 per hour.


My Easter Ensemble

My Easter ensemble was a dazzler, eh??

fantabulous women central christian church gilbert

I served on the “First Impressions” team at church for the first time and they’d just gotten these spiffy vests for anyone serving on campus. That me and my new bud, Chuck, greeting near the main parking lot.

I honestly didn’t mind it. After all, neon is totally on-trend right now!

When are you asked to be a little less fashionable than you’d prefer?

Five Must-Have Jewelry Pieces

If you are joining us from the FanTABulous Women newsletter, WELCOME!

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My FanTABulous Women class this week is all about dressing for AND accessorizing your specific body type.

TWO special guest presenters will be sharing all about using accessories to compliment your shape and help you look and feel your best. We will also be discussing how many accessories are appropriate to wear, how to choose a purse and much more!

It’s a can’t-miss event and only $10 to attend! PRIZES will be given, too, and every attendee receives a FREE GIFT!

The Facebook event link so you can RSVP is HERE.

Now. What do I say are your must-have jewelry pieces??

1. Statement earrings

Whether your style is simple hoops or blinged-out chandelier earrings, you need a go-to pair of earrings that are totally “you.”

fantabulous women must have jewelry statement earrings

2. Cuff bracelet

It adds interest to an outfit and is a stylish piece that will help you stand out. A stack of bangles works, too.

fantabulous women must have jewelry cuff bracelet

3. A long multi-functional necklace

Links or beads, it can dress up an outfit and be worn long or short (and sometimes even as a belt). This is the “Francesca” by Premier and it can be worn long, doubled or as a belt!

fantabulous women must have jewelry francesca premier

4. A right-hand ring

Whether petite or gigantic…fine or costume…a ring on your right hand is a nice touch.

fantabulous women must have jewelry right hand ring

5. Pearls

Pearl earrings and a simple pearl necklace will never go out of style and will always help you feel lady-like and polished.

fantabulous women must have jewelry pearls

To find out #6, subscribe to the newsletter!

What must-have jewelry piece do you LOVE to wear? What do you need to ADD to your jewelry collection? Share in the comments or hop onto the Facebook page!

Stay tuned for Spring 2013′s list of five must-have jewelry pieces!

Copyright Tabitha Dumas, online and in-persona image consultant Gilbert Chandler, Arizona. All right reserved.