Ten Image Tips for Professionals

Most of us aren’t required to look 100% professional 24/7.

It is inevitable that you will run into a colleague at the grocery store when you are still in your workout clothes or at the home improvement store when you are in your yard work clothes. I don’t know anyone who lives their entire life in a suit.

However, for those times when you want to look like the most professional version of yourself, here are some image tips. The main goals are to represent yourself well, to look like you’ve got it together and to not distract anyone with how you look.

professional image tips tabitha dumas

Ladies & Gentlemen

1. Have a mint and save the gum for weekends. Chewing gum just looks silly in a professional environment, plus you may be like me and be tempted to blow bubbles, making you look like an eight-year-old.

2. Put your sunglasses away. You can’t imagine how many times I see people sitting in a meeting with their sunglasses perched on their head. Ladies, sunglasses are NOT a headband.

3. Clean up your shoes. Nothing looks more careless than dirty shoes. If you live somewhere dusty, keep wet wipes handy to clean up before entering a meeting.

4. Keep your nails trimmed and clean. Ladies, nude and light colors look best for your fingers (and use your discretion when it comes to your toes–you can probably get away with bold colors if you prefer).

5. Mind your body language. Maintain proper posture and when someone is speaking, make eye contact, nod and smile as appropriate.


professional woman fantabulous image tips for professionals

6. Don’t overdo the cleavage or the exposed leg. Don’t let your skin be a distraction or affect your credibility. In fact, I recommend against spaghetti straps in the office and even sleeveless tops unless it is very modestly cut. Knee-length skirts or longer are also recommended. Oh, and when you wear a skirt, make sure it is lined or PLEASE wear a slip.

7. Beware of “dress shorts” and even “dress capris,”  meaning fancier shorts and capris that are supposed to be office-worthy (like with pin stripes). Just make sure your overall look says “Professional” and not “about to board a cruise.”

8. Wear some makeup. It is a proven fact that women are considered more confident and competent when they wear simple, flattering makeup. Even out your skin tone with tinted moisturizer or foundation and accentuate your best features with a little mascara, plus a neutral blush and light lip gloss.


professional man fantabulous image tips for professionals

8. Keep your hair groomed. That means your facial hair, ears and nose, too! Consider waxing that uni-brow and PLEASE trim your long eyebrows.

9. Be bold with color! Don’t shy away from colors other than black, navy or gray. Whether a collared shirt or a dress shirt, most men (especially those of you with salt-and-pepper hair) look great in purple, red, a shade of turquoise and even orange. If your job requires you to be more conservative, consider a purple or pink-hued tie instead.

When you look your best, you will be AT your best!

What do YOU think should be added to this list?

Need help with your professional image? Contact me to schedule a “Next Step Assessment” to determine how we can work together to elevate your look to the next level! 

Bras For Warm Weather

The warmer weather is upon is and now it is becoming time again for sundresses, tanks and strapless tops.

Ladies, listen up: no one wants to see your bra straps.

Doing a “layered look” with tanks and camis is OK, but exposed bra straps are not. Just this woman’s opinion.

So…what to do??

For most tanks and sleeveless tops, a T strap bra works well. It keeps your straps from showing and from falling down over your shoulders.

fantabulous women racer back bra

They’re also called racer back bras and can look like this, too:

racer back fantabulous women warm bras

Check this out! You can use these cool clips on a regular bra to MAKE it into a racer back! There’s a clear version available, too. They’re available in the lingerie department of most retail stores, including Target and Walmart.

fantabulous women hide bra straps

Of course, when in doubt, go strapless.

stapless bra fantabulous women warm weather

A convertible bra is also an excellent choice and gives you many options.

convertible bra fantabulous women

Finally, if you’re investing in a good “speciality bra,” buy it to match your skin tone so you can wear it under white, black and everything in between.

Your bra shouldn’t match your clothes–it should match YOU!

Do you need a new bra to add to your wardrobe for this spring and summer?

Why You Should Keep Wearing Your Matchy-Matchy Jewelry

Depending on how trendy you are, the days of matchy-matchy jewelry sets may seem outdated to you by anywhere from one to ten years.

I remember the days when you’d wear a PINK top with PINK jewelry like this:

fantabulous women pink jewelry set

Or you’d wear a white blouse or a denim top with a cute matching shell set like this:

fantabulous women shell jewelry set

In 2013, the trend (much like in home decor) is leaning more toward a mix-and-match or “eclectic” approach.

GOOD NEWS! You can keep your matching sets!

Just break them up with other pieces to stay chic and on-trend!

Here’s what I did today (as an example):

fantabulous women break up your matchy jewelry

Instead of wearing the matching bracelet, earrings and necklace, I swapped the earrings for plain pearl earrings and layered on a pearl bracelet, too.

I could have also worn the earrings from the set with a plain silver chain necklace, or swapped the bracelet for plain silver bangles.

The point is, wear the pieces you have, but combine them with other pieces to create a more sophisticated look.

Maybe you just need a pair of hoops and a bangle bracelet so your sets don’t look so matchy-matchy anymore. Have fun and…

Happy accessorizing!

Do you own matchy-matchy sets? What pieces can you use to break them up a bit?

Do you commit these skin care sins?

Women treat me like a priest when it comes to confessing their skin care and makeup sins. “I don’t always wash my face before bed” is a common one. I wag my finger at them, they hang their head in shame (and rightfully so) and I order them to do one microdermabrasion treatment as penance.

Naturally there are nights that I feel like I can’t muster the strength to wash and moisturize my face before bed, but I just tell myself, “Practice what you preach, sister,” and I do it anyway.

skin care sins fantabulous women

Speaking of skin care sins, I found this great video (link at the bottom of this post) that outlines some good ones:

1. Forgetting to wash your face before bed. Going to sleep with a day’s worth of grime, make-up, sweat and pollution on your face is just gross. Besides having all that ick on your face while you sleep, some of it will still be on your pillow the next night, too. Eeeewww. Mary Kay has facial wipes that you can leave next to your bed so you can at least give your face a good swipe before your head hits the pillow. If you’re not too tired to wash your face properly, check out the products detailed in #2.

2. Not washing your face in the morning. During the night, your skin has its best chance to renew itself but you need to get rid of all of that before you start your daily routine. We have a 3-in-1 cleanser for normal to dry skin or combination/oily skin that cleanses, exfoliates and freshens ALL in ONE step!

3. Using bar soap on your face. Bar soaps are often too drying for most skin types and they offer virtually no benefit. Use a cleanser that is right for your skin type. I can help you find the perfect fit.

4. Over-washing your face. This means using a cleanser that is too harsh OR scrubbing your face too hard. I can help you with this, too.

5. Not removing make-up before working out. Makeup mixed with sweat? Again….eeeewwww. This is another great occasion for using facial cleansing wipes. You can keep a few stashed in a baggy in your gym bag.

So which of these sins are YOU guilty of? Please share so we all know we’re not the only one.

CONTACT ME for a consultation to address your facial care needs. Whether local or far away, we can meet at my place or yours or even Skype!

Here is the video, it’s worth a look:

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