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Creative Connections event was a blast!

creative connections February event ecoacherin

If you’re the “self-employed woman entrepreneur” type, there is someone you need to meet. Here’s the story. Fellow writer and my dear friend Anne of McAuley Freelance Writing had been talking about someone called “Coach Erin” for a while. I eventually looked her up on Facebook, then Instagram and quickly realized that Erin is “my […]


Why I Bought That installment 1

fantabulous women why i bought that 1

Welcome to my new meme called “Why I Bought That.” I am all about Shopping on Purpose, meaning saving time, money and frustration by filling your closet with clothes that fill in the gaps of what you need in your wardrobe coordinate with what you already own–style-wise as well as color work for your lifestyle […]


Shop on purpose (intro)

introduction to fantabulous women shop on purpose

If you’re tired of wasting time, energy and MONEY on wardrobe pieces that will end up languishing in your closet, destined for the “donate” pile, read on! Let’s shop on purpose!  This is an introduction to a new meme I’ll be doing called “Why I bought that,” where I’ll demonstrate smart shopping habits by showing […]


Why you need to add a feminine touch to your outfits

Girly or not–and whether your everyday wardrobe consists of jeans and tee shirts or office attire–here are some excellent reasons to add a few feminine touches to your wardrobe. For more ideas, visit my Feminine Details Pinterest board. They play down your problem areas. Pink fingernails or a pin-tucked blouse puts the attention where you want […]


Happy Valentine’s Day (and tea party report)

fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas

My Valentine’s Day Potluck Tea Party was a blast! I hadn’t thrown a full-blown tea party since February 2009 so it was a treat for me to plan and host this year! I had my house all decked out…   My tea-cup collection for them to choose from. …my mom gave a little “tea-torial” (I […]


February Instagram Style Challenge


Welcome to February! I just discovered Hilary Rushford and Dean Street Society via her Instagram feed and I’m loving her and what she’s about! Check her out and follow her on social media–you’ll be glad you did! If you’re like me, you would like to mix up your wardrobe a little and breathe new life […]


5 Health Benefits of Massage Therapy for Taking Care of Yourself

Health Benefits of massage fantabulous women guest post amy hagerup

Welcome Amy Hagerup, my guest blogger today! Amy is a Facebook friend and knows how passionate I am about self-care so I asked her to share with us today. If you spend a lot of time working on your computer, you are putting strain on your neck and shoulders.  Out of necessity, your body might […]


Artists’ Retreat to Globe, Arizona

chrysocolla inn globe, arizona artists retreat fantabulouswomen

Yes, I’m planning an Artists’ Retreat for May, 2014! Consider this post your “teaser.” First of all, this (to me) is an artist: Not sure if you qualify? I’m willing to bet that you’re an artist. Whether you paint paintings, run a small business, painstakingly choose your outfits every day, decorate your home or dream […]


My status update to the world: Shut up!

fantbulouswomen overwhelmed tell the world to shut up

Feeling overwhelmed and wondering how you can avoid becoming crippled under the weight of everyone’s competing expectations? “Join the club!” right? You know how it is. The never-ending influx of competing information and conflicting advice, whether in your own head, online, in books, in your email in-box or in real life conversations. Add more veggies […]


Purse Giveaway!

fantabulous women purse giveaway

It’s giveaway time! I am not a blogger who is looking for a huge amount of traffic or trying to amass readers from all over the globe, so I don’t often participate in “sign up for this, ‘like’ this and follow this and win a prize!” types of giveaways BUT… One of my goals this […]

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