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Crafty Spring Origami Owl Day

Spring is coming, spring is coming!! 

I want to make bright ribbon streamers and dance barefoot through the streets shouting “Spring is coming!!”

I love spring.

So I’m hosting a shin-dig!

It’s my “Crafty Spring Origami Owl Day.”

It’s basically all of my favorite things rolled into one afternoon: friends, refreshments, crafting, origami, spring and Origami Owl jewelry. Yippee!!

crafty spring origami owl party fantabulouswomen

It’s Friday, March 14th at 3:00pm at my house.

We will be

  • having “girl time” in my home studio/craft room
  • making origami goodies like dresses and envelopes–yes, you will leave with finished creations! (doing origami is so relaxing!)
  • enjoying yummy food and drink
  • looking at the HOT spring colors for 2014
  • checking out my friend Shannan’s Origami Owl jewelry (side note: Shannan is such an amazing designer and team leader for Origami Owl–come learn some of her secrets!)
crafty spring origami owl party fantabulouswomen dresses

We will be making dresses like these!

You can check it out on Shannan’s Origami Owl website here.

You can also follow Origami Owl on Instagram and on Pinterest.

I have a few things on my Origami Owl Love Pinterest board, too.

Let me know if you want a catalog, too.

If you’ve never been to an Origami Owl jewelry bar, they’re so much fun! These “living lockets” make a wonderful gift for you to give yourself or give to a loved one. What a wonderful way to tell your story! They’re also perfect for Mother’s Day, which is coming up soon!

Of course there will be prizes, too!!

crafty spring origami owl party fantabulouswomen

Cute journals I’m giving away!

This event falls during our Spring Break so, yes, kids ARE welcome to come along and play in our playroom or back yard. My house is not baby-proofed, but it IS kid-friendly!

Moms, daughters and friends are welcome, too!

So meet some new ladies and “get your craft on!”

crafty spring origami owl party fantabulouswomen

Papers we’ll be using.

Event details are on the Facebook event page. Seating is limited to 12 so your RSVP is appreciated.

Why I Bought That installment 1

Welcome to my new meme called “Why I Bought That.”

I am all about Shopping on Purpose, meaning saving time, money and frustration by filling your closet with clothes that

  1. fill in the gaps of what you need in your wardrobe
  2. coordinate with what you already own–style-wise as well as color
  3. work for your lifestyle and have a reasonable “cost per wear”
  4. fit within your Dominant Color Category
  5. complement your body type.

Add to that “make you feel good.” No one needs to wear clothes that make them feel uncomfortable or awkward, or that they just don’t look good in. You should love what you see in the mirror!

So, yesterday I spent about an hour in a local Bealls Outlet and came out with two tops. I was on the hunt for pants but none of them worked–pants are tricky for me at 5’9″ and possessing hips.

I thought this top was really cute but I only bought one.

fantabulous women why i bought that 1

Blue or black?


Before we even go into the color, let’s talk about Why I Bought That (based on the above list).

  • I needed some versatile tops for spring–chevron is on trend and classic at the same time
  • it can be dressed up or down (jeans for the weekend, with a blazer for work)
  • I can layer it with a jacket or cardigan (also making it multi-seasonal)
  • it’s comfortable and easy to wash (cotton/spandex back, poly front)–and a smoking deal at just $12!
  • the colors and pattern work well for me (a Deep DCC)
  • the style is flattering (loose and flowy but not boxy)–and it’s plenty long

Now are you wondering which one I chose?

The BLACK one!

 Why the black?

Mainly because of #2 above: “coordinates with what you already own–style-wise as well as color.” See below? why i bought that 1

  •  I already own black jeans and black Bermuda shorts to wear it with
  • I can wear it more easily with colored jeans or capris like red, turquoise or purple (which I’m on the hunt for)
  • it will go with the accessories I already own like my black shoes, black boots and green purse
  • it will be easy to accessorize with jewelry items I already own why i bought that 1

So there you go.

(I may buy a turquoise bubble necklace to go with it, though–but only if it fits all of the criteria, too!)

mindy maes market



Next time you’re debating about buying something new, just ask yourself: 

  1. Does it fill in the gaps of what I need in my wardrobe?
  2. Does it coordinate with what I already own–style-wise as well as color?
  3. Does it work for my lifestyle and have a reasonable “cost per wear?”
  4. Does it fit within my Dominant Color Category?
  5. Does it complement my body type?

And of course…”do I feel FanTABulous when I wear it?”

I hope this helps you Shop on Purpose. Stay tuned for my next installment!

Is this helpful or inspiring? Leave a comment or hop on over to the FanTABulous Women Facebook page to keep the conversation going.

If you live in the Phoenix valley and need personal shopping services, rates start at $50 per hour! Contact me for more info.

FINAL NOTE: After reading your guesses and reasons on Facebook, I’m thinking about going back to buy the blue one, too!!

Why you need to add a feminine touch to your outfits

Girly or not–and whether your everyday wardrobe consists of jeans and tee shirts or office attire–here are some excellent reasons to add a few feminine touches to your wardrobe.

For more ideas, visit my Feminine Details Pinterest board.

  • They play down your problem areas.

Pink fingernails or a pin-tucked blouse puts the attention where you want it. When you’re wearing sparkly earrings, no one is looking at your hips.

White House Black Market

  • They accentuate your best features.

Pretty feet? Shapely legs? Wear fantastic shoes. Nice teeth? Play up your smile with pink or red lipstick.


  • They jazz up a plain outfit.

Are you comfortable spending your day in jeans and a tee-shirt? Just add a funky headband to add some interest. Are you required to wear business suits to your job at the bank? Add a vintage scarf in a fun print or a unique pin to your lapel. Even if you have to wear a red shirt and khaki pants to work, you’ll feel more “you” if you wear a crystal hair clip or colorful shoes with your uniform.

Vintage Rose Wraps

  • They’re a conversation starter.

It never fails–when I wear bright colors, bold jewelry or an interesting combination of patterns, people notice me and talk to me more. Unless you prefer to always blend into the crowd, adding some feminine touches will cause you to be perceived as a fun, approachable, interesting person.

mindy maes market


  • They remind you that you’re a girl.

Men haven’t adopted high heels or skirts yet so enjoy how good it feels to wear girly clothes! There’s something about bright lip gloss, jangly bangles or an up-do that just makes you sashay a little more when you walk. Why not celebrate your womanhood??

  • They’re fun!

And who doesn’t need a little more fun in her life?

Do you need to add more feminine touches to your outfits? What might you try? Keep the conversation going on the FanTABulous Women Facebook page.

Remember to visit my Feminine Details Pinterest board! And let me know if you’d like to be added as my Pin Pal!

Need help with your wardrobe? Let me help you “get noticed and become unforgettable”–contact me about a wardrobe assessment or personal shopping trip!

Next post: fun feminine touches for every wardrobe.

Happy Valentine’s Day (and tea party report)

My Valentine’s Day Potluck Tea Party was a blast!

I hadn’t thrown a full-blown tea party since February 2009 so it was a treat for me to plan and host this year!

I had my house all decked out…

fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas types of tea chinese table

Asian teas.

fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas fairy tale princess table

Fairy tale/princess table.


fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas memo board

My tea-cup collection for them to choose from.
fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas

The peach tree even bloomed for the occasion!

…my mom gave a little “tea-torial” (I made that word up!)…

fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas teatorial

…the spread of food was incredible…

fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas spread of food

fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas food my plate

Check out my loaded plate!

…the ladies were happy and festive…

fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas tiara babes

Tiaras are highly encouraged.

fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas elegant

Isn’t she elegant??

fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas jean flis

Hats are encouraged, too.

fantabulous women valentines day potluck tea party tabitha dumas

Prizes for festive food and attire!

…and my make-shift photo booth was a hit.

fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas photo booth

Me and my mama!

fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas

My sister-in-law knows how to “bring it.”


fantabulous women tea party valentines day potluck tabitha dumas

My mom, hamming it up!

It was a delightful day and I am blessed to be surrounded by so many FanTABulous Women!


Artists’ Retreat to Globe, Arizona

Yes, I’m planning an Artists’ Retreat for May, 2014!

Consider this post your “teaser.”

First of all, this (to me) is an artist:

artists retreat globe, arizona fantabulous women definition of an artist

Not sure if you qualify?

fantabulous women artists retreat

I’m willing to bet that you’re an artist. Whether you paint paintings, run a small business, painstakingly choose your outfits every day, decorate your home or dream of someday “living your art,” art is in you and around you and you are an artist.

The premise is that artists need an opportunity to…

  • practice their craft
  • spend time with other artists
  • learn about other art forms
  • get away, gain a new perspective and rest
  • experience new sites, sounds and people to be inspired and invigorated!

This will be a two-day retreat just two hours east of Phoenix in the charming and historic town of Globe, Arizona. 

This one is for female artists only and is slotted for Saturday and Sunday, May 3 and 4 at the Chrysocolla Inn in Globe, Arizona.

There will be options for those who would just like to attend the Saturday conference as well as those who wish to stay overnight.

chrysocolla inn globe, arizona artists retreat fantabulouswomen

The Chrysocolla Inn, Globe, Arizona.

 I am planning the schedule, special guests, field trips and so much more but for now, here are a few things we have in the works! 

fantabulous women artists retreat globe, arizona yoga

Yoga in the garden.

fantabulous women artists retreat globe, arizona brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming sessions around this massive table overlooking the garden.

artistic journaling tabitha dumas fantabulous women artists retreat

Opportunities to practice your art.

chrysocolla inn globe, arizona artists retreat fantabulous women

Exploring Globe (this is the view from the Inn’s balcony).

fantabulous women artists retreat globe, arizona  accomodations

Beautifully appointed rooms with private baths with clawfoot tubs. This room overlooks the garden!

fantabulous women artists retreat globe, arizona

Exquisite food.


fantabulous women artists retreat globe, arizona inspiring architecture

The Chrysocolla Inn is so charming–even the building itself is inspiring!

  I hope this entices you! I will sending out pricing information along with how to register, what to expect and so much more in the months to come.

The best way to make sure you receive all of the updates is to sign up for the Artists’ Retreat email updated. You’ll be hearing more from me soon!

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Purse Giveaway!

It’s giveaway time!

fantabulous women purse giveaway

Win a festive Valentine’s Day purse!

I am not a blogger who is looking for a huge amount of traffic or trying to amass readers from all over the globe, so I don’t often participate in “sign up for this, ‘like’ this and follow this and win a prize!” types of giveaways BUT…

One of my goals this year is to get more eyes on what I write and I know you–you’ll do just about anything for a PRIZE.

Win a cute XOXO or Hearts purse! 

XOXO purse:

fantabulous women purse giveaway

XOXO purse

This one has a zippered compartment inside.

fantabulous women purse giveaway

XOXO inside

Hearts purse:

fantabulous women purse giveaway

Hearts purse

This one has a zippered compartment inside and two pockets for organization.

fantabulous women purse giveaway

Hearts inside



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fantabulous women purse giveaway



Your post on my page tells me you signed up and I WILL double-check! :)

I’ll randomly select a name at 9:00pm Arizona time on January 31st. Then I’ll contact you for your mailing address and your cute little purse will be on its way!

*Disclaimers: These purses were purchased secondhand and are very gently used. That’s good recycling! If you win, you may choose a $5 Target gift card instead of the purse if you prefer. 

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May I see your pajamas?

You work hard, I know you do.

At the end of the day, you deserve to relax and unwind.

I am the type who has an entire ritual that involves taking off my jewelry and clothes, performing my daily skin care routine and in the winter, the addition of extra lotion, fuzzy socks and lip balm.

fantabulous women night time routine cute pajamas

Cleanser, moisturizer, hand salve, foot cream and lip balm. Aaahhh.

Oh, and I put my pajamas on. If I’m lucky and I have the next day off, I can leave them on all night and until at least lunchtime the next day.

Every woman needs a cute pair of pajamas. You should feel good in them and they should make you smile. You should be able to heave a contended sigh when you put them on every night. Plus, you never know when you’ll be invited to a pajama party!

These are mine. Pink, turquoise, flannel and owly. Soooo soft.

fantabulous women cute pajamas

Yes, cute pajamas fall under the “self care” category. Any time you do something that is just for you, it’s self care. Although, admittedly, the people around you will probably appreciate your cute pajamas, too.

Dare I say…show me your pajamas and I can see how well you take care of yourself?

OK, ‘fess up–are you wearing cute pajamas tonight?

Us on Christmas

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and had a Merry Christmas!

Here are a few pictures until I have time for proper posts of our festivities. Look out for a post about old and new traditions as well as one about having a personal purpose statement, too.

So this was me on Christmas.

I got this enormous gift bag from my folks. I’ll show you what was inside soon–you’ll love it!

fantabulous women christmas ensemble

Here’s the family at my folks’ house (below).

My sweet sister-in-law gave me those Stella & Dot earrings, aren’t they gorgeous?!? And that’s a Vintage Rose Wraps Headband, too.

dumas family photo

My husband got me these adorable and comfy owl pajamas. Every woman needs a pair of cute pajamas. I’ll blog more about that soon.

fantabulous women cute pajamas

It was a great day and…honestly…I’m glad it’s behind us.

There is so much in store for the end of the year, and for 2014!

Stay tuned, FanTABulous Women!

Copyright Tabitha Dumas, online and in-persona image consultant Gilbert Chandler, Arizona. All right reserved.