Need some holiday WOW?

I can tell you how to get it in two words: RED LIPSTICK.

If you choose a true red with a blue base, it WILL flatter your complexion, brighten your skin and even help your teeth to appear whiter.

I guarantee that you will get compliments.

christmas tea fantabulous women red lipstick

At a recent Christmas Tea in “Really Red” Mary Kay lipstick.

Try it and let me know what happens!

I Was Named Rookie of the Year!

My Mary Kay unit, the Beagle Bunch, named me Rookie of the Year for 2012 at our meeting last Saturday!

I am honored and humbled and promised them that I would live up to my title! After nine months and almost $3,000 in sales, I know that joining the Mary Kay pink sisterhood was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The crystal “MK” necklace was a gift from my director, Sherrian!

fantabulouswomen mary kay rookie of the year

Tab’s Beauty Tip #3: POP of color with your eyeshadow

Have purple, blue or green eyeshadow and not sure how to use it on an everyday basis? Watch!

or use this link:

By the way, I used Mary Kay mineral eyeshadow in ’White Lily’ over my entire lid, ‘Emerald’ as the POP and ‘Chocolate Kiss’ as the neutral. Contact me to purchase–they’re just $6.50 each! Or I can mail you samples to try. I have a lot of other colors you can sample, too–just ask!

Do you plan to try this out? What color do you want to try?

Staying True to Your Vision

Do you ever get stuck on something and can’t seem to let it go? Maybe it’s a vision of the future, a dream, a wish or an experience you hope to have. You get the idea and are tempted to just ‘get over it’ when it doesn’t happen, but it won’t go away.

That happened to me with this day bed from IKEA. I had my eye on it since at least September 2009 when I was dreaming of my future craft room in this post on my old blog. I saw it as more of sofa for me to lounge on and a comfy place for people to chill out during all-day craft-a-thons.

fantabulous women studio daybed

When we toured our current home almost a year ago (pictured below), I took one look at the bonus room in the front of the house (complete with tall double doors, right off the entryway) and said, “This is going to be MY room.” It was a playroom at the time but I saw the potential.

bonus room studio craft room before

At the time, I envisioned it as a craft room and a place to have some ‘girl time’ away from my rambunctious boys. A few months in, I was holding color consultations in there, too, and my boys had the back half of the room to themselves and sat on my daybed (MY daybed) to watch TV and play X-box. Their area is hidden behind the screen.

fantabulous craft room studio

Then I started my Mary Kay business and began using the studio to organize my inventory and hold skin care consultations. It’s a little hard to give someone a facial on a daybed. Plus my business started booming and I didn’t want kids in (what had become) my office. We even moved The Big Desk into the room and moved the boys OUT.

Tab's studio office after

But my vision persisted. I still wanted to meet with women on my daybed. I couldn’t let it go.

A few months ago, I got the idea for FanTABulous Women and I big part of that vision was meeting with women to talk about their needs and how we could help each other. I clung to my vision of having a ‘business meeting’ on my daybed even while I debated about moving it out of the room to free up the space. “Is anyone going to actually WANT to sit on it with me??” I wondered.

Then yesterday, I had a ‘meeting of the minds’ with one of my business partners who is a wellness expert (you will be hearing more about her and her offerings soon) and invited her into my studio. She moved toward the daybed and I told her, “You can sit wherever you want to.”

“Oh, I want to sit on your daybed, it looks so inviting.”

daybed for meetings

I felt my heart sigh a little. Then it got better.

She started to take off her sandals and I told her, “Oh, you don’t have to take off your shoes in here, the floor isn’t THAT clean,” and she replied, “Actually, I was thinking about sitting back and putting my feet up on the bed.”

I was thrilled.

We spent about the next hour-and-a-half both lounging barefoot on the daybed, talking, laughing and planning together.

She commented, “All business meetings should be like this.”
It felt a lot more like a slumber party than a business meeting. I loved it.

I am so glad that I didn’t abandon my vision. That meeting on my daybed was just a little affirmation that I am right where I belong.

What vision do YOU have that you can’t seem to shake, but hasn’t been brought to fruition yet? What’s holding you back? How can we help you? Please leave a comment and tell us.

Ten FanTABulous Summer Sun Tips

I know you are busy and there is a lot of information out there about protecting yourself in the sun. Let Tab, your personal beauty consultant, help.

Here are 10 Summer Sun Tips for my FanTABulous Women:

1. Look for products labeled “Broad Spectrum.” This prevents against damaging UVB and UVA rays. Skin cancer is so vicious because it occurs at the deeper levels of the skin and takes a long time to show up on the surface. Broad spectrum protects the top level and deeper level, to avoid a visible sunburn as well as damage to the deeper levels.

2. An SPF of 30 or 50 is recommended for most people on an everyday basis. You are being exposed to harmful rays even while inside your house or vehicle! P.S. Higher than 50 isn’t proven to offer any extra protection.

3. NO sunscreen is waterproof. You will now see them marked “water-resistant” and they will also have the time listed that you can expect to be protected. For example, in the photo below, the SPF 30 says it is water-resistant for 80 minutes.

4. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before sun exposure to allow the product to penetrate the skin.

5. Wondering how much to apply? ten sun tips shot glass one ounce sunscreen

6. If you are spending the entire day in the sun, re-apply every two hours (for an SPF 30) and after towel-drying. If you are going down a water slide or going in and out of an inner tube repeatedly, be aware that you are rubbing your sunscreen off in the process, so be sure to reapply to places like your belly or the backs of your legs.

7. Don’t forget about your ears, the tops of your feet and your scalp. Wearing a hat helps protect your ears AND head. Plus I know you’ll look FanTABulous in a hat! Mine looks like this one (the brand is Scala, I got it from Steinmart for about $20), only mine has pastel colors and is utterly FanTABulous. Scala straw hat for summer

8. Layer products. If you use a facial moisturizer that contains sunscreen, be aware that it will evaporate unless you ‘seal it’ with a primer and foundation. The newest Mary Kay foundation primer now has an SPF 15, which adds yet another layer of protection. Sweet!

If you need moisturizer AND sunscreen, the jury is out on how to best layer them (there are many determining factors, including the formula of each product) but I would err on the side of caution and apply the sunscreen directly to your clean skin, let it penetrate for 15 minutes then apply your moisturizer on top.

9. Buy an after-sun product, too. I advise my customers to put the Mary Kay After-sun Replenishing Gel (pictured below, left) in their fridge so it is extra-cooling when applied after getting out of the pool, ocean or hot tub. Aloe is also nice if you get a little too much sun or if your skin just feels parched. With aloe, the more pure the better and go for the clear variety. summer sun tips

10. Avoid sun exposure from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. when you can and try to wear protective clothing. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

I would love to supply you with the PERFECT Mary Kay products to help you enjoy your summer!

I will have my summer sun products with me at my Women of Faith in Business and S.E.V.E.N. meetings for you to sample and purchase. If we don’t cross paths during the week, call me to schedule a 15-minute consultation so we can assess your needs and you can try the products. Or, if you are in need of a facial and a summer color makeover, visit my Mary Kay page for information about taking advantage of the FanTABulous Royal Treatment Makeover.

How will YOU be spending YOUR summer? How do you plan to protect yourself from the sun? Please share in the comments or on the FanTABulous Women Facebook page.

Do you commit these skin care sins?

Women treat me like a priest when it comes to confessing their skin care and makeup sins. “I don’t always wash my face before bed” is a common one. I wag my finger at them, they hang their head in shame (and rightfully so) and I order them to do one microdermabrasion treatment as penance.

Naturally there are nights that I feel like I can’t muster the strength to wash and moisturize my face before bed, but I just tell myself, “Practice what you preach, sister,” and I do it anyway.

skin care sins fantabulous women

Speaking of skin care sins, I found this great video (link at the bottom of this post) that outlines some good ones:

1. Forgetting to wash your face before bed. Going to sleep with a day’s worth of grime, make-up, sweat and pollution on your face is just gross. Besides having all that ick on your face while you sleep, some of it will still be on your pillow the next night, too. Eeeewww. Mary Kay has facial wipes that you can leave next to your bed so you can at least give your face a good swipe before your head hits the pillow. If you’re not too tired to wash your face properly, check out the products detailed in #2.

2. Not washing your face in the morning. During the night, your skin has its best chance to renew itself but you need to get rid of all of that before you start your daily routine. We have a 3-in-1 cleanser for normal to dry skin or combination/oily skin that cleanses, exfoliates and freshens ALL in ONE step!

3. Using bar soap on your face. Bar soaps are often too drying for most skin types and they offer virtually no benefit. Use a cleanser that is right for your skin type. I can help you find the perfect fit.

4. Over-washing your face. This means using a cleanser that is too harsh OR scrubbing your face too hard. I can help you with this, too.

5. Not removing make-up before working out. Makeup mixed with sweat? Again….eeeewwww. This is another great occasion for using facial cleansing wipes. You can keep a few stashed in a baggy in your gym bag.

So which of these sins are YOU guilty of? Please share so we all know we’re not the only one.

CONTACT ME for a consultation to address your facial care needs. Whether local or far away, we can meet at my place or yours or even Skype!

Here is the video, it’s worth a look:

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