Creative Connections event was a blast!

If you’re the “self-employed woman entrepreneur” type, there is someone you need to meet.

Here’s the story. Fellow writer and my dear friend Anne of McAuley Freelance Writing had been talking about someone called “Coach Erin” for a while. I eventually looked her up on Facebook, then Instagram and quickly realized that Erin is “my people.”

When I heard about her upcoming Quarterly Creative Connections event on February 20th, I knew I HAD to go.


From Erin’s website


The description (from says it is “about making connections and getting inspired.  Each event focuses on you getting to know the other women in attendance on a personal and professional level, connecting with those you can create collaborative marketing and joint ventures with, sharing referrals and inspiring you to create more momentum in your business.”

It was that and so much more! Erin’s activities and exercises were fun, thought-provoking and effective and she even offered a small dose of “coaching” along the way! I learned new things about myself, got to know the women in the room in  a new and unique way and truly enjoyed my time there. It was refreshing and inspiring!

One of the activities involved creating a “billboard” for what we do in our business–this is Anne and me sporting ours!

creative connections February event ecoacherin

Rather than giving a commercial, we had to silently move around the room and let the other ladies read our billboards–it was a hoot! (I told you it was fun and unique!)

I can’t say enough good things about Erin and this event and I am already looking forward to the next one! 

Find out more about the event here. The next one is Thursday, May 22 and I’ve love to see you there!

Erin is adorable, delightful and knows her stuff! I am so glad she is a part of my world. I hope you’ll find her on her website, on Facebook or on Pinterest and PLEASE tell her that Tabitha sent you!

P.S. I have a phone call schedule with Erin tomorrow and hopefully a forth-coming coaching session–I’ll keep you posted!

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