What do you want?!?

No, really.

I’m looking for feedback.

What DO you want here?

If you are reading this, you are probably already taking steps toward a more confident, vibrant, successful life…so how can I help you?

You know I love color. I also love helping busy woman dress well and project a confident, happy image.

fantabulouswomen.com color analysis

So! Are you looking for fashion tips? Makeup help? Color suggestions? Local events, shops and networking opportunities?

And while we’re at it…how do you like to be communicated with? Via the blog? On Facebook? Or do you prefer checking out the Pinterest boards?

I am in the process of tweaking and focusing my blogging, marketing and business efforts…so feel free to weigh in. I am here to serve YOU, my online and real life friends and cohorts! So tell me what you want!

P.S. I am also going to be in cahoots now with theĀ amazing Shari Braendel of Fashion Meets FaithĀ (pictured with me and my mom, October 2012 at ASU’s “Sun Devils Wears Prada” event). Joining her team is just another reason that I have to get more focused on my time and offerings. More details coming soon!

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I am the one woman show behind FanTABulous Women. God is #1 in my life. I am a wife of twelve years, mother of two sons, purveyor of pretty and agent of encouragement. I am also a writer, dreamer, blogger and go-getter. I am happiest when I'm "putting myself out there" and inspiring others to do the same--in their own unique way. To pick my brain or schedule a consultation, call or text (602) 349-1129 or email letmerephrasethat(at)gmail.com

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