How To Maintain Your Happy Weight

In the past ten years, I’ve been a size six up to a size sixteen and right now, I’m smack dab in the middle.

I’ve been underweight and overweight and I know what it’s like to struggle with both.

I also know that even “underweight” and “overweight” are relative terms.

Of all the hang-ups women have, weight seems to be the most common, the most frustrating and the most debilitating. The bottom line is, my wish is for every woman to find her “happy weight,” a weight she is happy with and can live with long term.

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I have certainly learned a few things over the years and have, over all, been able to maintain a weight that I am happy with.

If my “secrets” can help someone, I’m happy!

Here they are…

Tab’s Top Ten Stay-Slim Secrets! 

1. I try to add a serving of fruits and/or vegetables to every meal. I add berries to my breakfast cereal, add carrot sticks to my sandwich at lunch, have a veggie with dinner most nights and end most days with fruit. I look at every meal and go, “What fruit or veggie can I add to this??”

I’m not a big fan of veggies, so I TRY to eat a salad every day and I load that baby up with all sorts of goodies! I know I need the vegetables and I know I don’t gravitate toward them like I do to fruit, so I try to make sure I fit them in!

I will also admit that I keep V8 in the fridge to have when I just can’t get veggies in any other way.

2. My grains are whole grains. More and more products are being introduced with whole grains. I eat whole grain Cheezits (yes, Cheezits are my weakness), whole grain mac & cheese and of course whole grain pasta, bread, cereal, crackers…even tortillas! I eat virtually NOTHING with white flour. This helps with blood sugar levels, keeps me feeling fuller longer and keeps the fat from migrating to my middle.

3. I’ve cut a LOT of the sugar. From my morning coffee to my former “ice cream every night” habit, I try to only eat sugar as a special treat and even then, it’s something small. I sometimes just end the day with a Dove dark chocolate, or crumble a low fat cookie into my yogurt…just a LITTLE sugar here and there, NOT the “sugar-all-day” I use to do. There’s a million reasons to cut sugar….my favorite is that it cuts calories.

4. I don’t drink many extra calories. My doctor had me on JUST water for a month and that’s when I dropped another 5 lbs. Fruit juice was a habit of mine and I didn’t shy away from soda. Now it’s only flavored water (NO sugar) or tea. Period. And I drink a LOT to stay hydrated. I live in Arizona, after all.

5. I keep healthy “easy” foods on hand at all times. Lettuce, almond butter, tomatoes, popcorn, etc. is always available so when I get hungry, I have something good to grab.

6. I eat almonds every day. Seven is the common recommendation. This is especially good between meals, to stabilize my blood sugar. I keep a stash in my purse, too, in a resealable snack bag. When I feel peaked, I grab the almonds.

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7. I pack healthy snacks when I leave home. Raisins, trail mix, granola bars, etc. so I’m not tempted to buy fast food or candy bars while I’m out and starving.

P.S. My favorite “on the go” fast food snack is the chicken Caesar wrap from Wendy’s. It’s got lettuce, cheese, a tortilla and a LOT of good chicken–and it’s $1.50.

8. I sleep a LOT. I try to get seven hours minimum. During pregnancy and postpartum, I try to get closer to eight. I know this is a lofty goal for many people, especially working moms or moms of babies. But getting good sleep is critical to keeping your weight (and stress levels!) down. It helps your metabolism and your hormone levels, among other things.

9. I move around a lot. Not house to house….I mean that I’m not a couch potato. Now, don’t get me wrong….I do NOT work out (but I want to someday!). BUT, I NEVER “sit around” and I watch almost zero television. I do almost everything standing up and I move constantly. Dr. Oz backs this up! It burns calories and keeps your heart pumping more than just vegging on the couch.

I have a “gathering table” (taller than average) in my dining room so I often stand there to craft, go on the computer, etc. I also walk or pace when I’m on the phone. It aaalll helps!! AND…if I’m not on the couch vegging, I’m avoiding the mindless snacking, too!

10. Protein!!! At every meal!! I try, at least.

a. I often buy chicken and cook it up all at once, half with a mild seasoning (maybe lemon pepper) and half with a more exciting seasoning (like chipotle). Then I use it all week to top a salad, make a tortilla wrap or add to pasta.

b. I also keep one of those packets of tuna or salmon in the fridge for a quick sandwich or to top a salad.

c. I keep a supply of soft-boiled eggs in the fridge, too, to grab when needed. Yes, I salt mine.

Feel free to message me with questions!

What do YOU have to add it this list??

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    My second time reading this post Tab..good stuff! I lost 65 pounds post partum and I can relate…

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