I Need Hair Advice!

I’ve worn my hair from 2″ short to all the way down to my waist in the past 15 years and every style has had its positives and negatives.

I’ve been wearing a chin-length bob for a while now and I’m ready for a change.

A few things to know:

I have been told that I do not have thick hair–I have a LOT of thin hair. My hair dressers have often had to “thin” my hair–a LOT.

I have something of a cowlick in front so “straight bangs” are a challenge.

I don’t like having hair in my eyes or in front of my face, meaning that it needs to be short or able to be tucked behind my ear.

I like shorter styles in summer.

I am not a big fan of my current hair cut. When I saw these pictures, all I could think was Bozo The Clown. I had a bad perm once that has a decidedly triangular shape that I never want to go back to. It just sticks out too much on the ends.

bozo hair

Now I want something a little more sleek, chic and funky.

Shorter is OK, too, because starting in a few weeks, we’ll be in my folks’ pool several times a week and I would like something cooler AND short enough to avoid having wet hair on my neck all the time.

So! Any feedback on some of these options??

fantabulous women hair styles chin length bob

Chin-length bob, cut close to the head.

fantabulous women hairstyles messy bob

Maybe a messier bob?

fantabulous women hair possibility

A pretty and soft version.

choppy bob fantabulous women hair

Bangs and choppy?

And just for fun, check this out. This is what started this conversation: my lovely and creative friend Jen sent me a message that said she could see me with THIS cut! What do you think?? But picture it in brown, of course! She says it would show off my long neck…and my earrings!

fantabulous women hairstyles


Hairstyles are tricky! Feedback is appreciated!

What about you? Do you love your hair today? Is there a hairstyle you’ve always wanted to try?

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  1. I like the messy bob :)

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