I’m featured in Go Gilbert! magazine!

Now, THIS is something you don’t see every day…ME in a magazine spread!

I am featured in the current issue of Go Gilbert! magazine about working moms in Gilbert, Arizona.

For those of you who don’t know, I am an active (and outspoken) member of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber gave Go Gilbert! my name for this article and I am so grateful for the opportunity! It was a blast to fill out the questionaire and to go to Scottsdale for my photoshoot.

I am thrilled with how it turned out and feel honored to share the pages with the other amazing local working mothers!

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The online version is HERE. And while you go look, tell me…is it just me, or does the pink font they used look an awful lot like my blog…??

There are lots of other great things to check out in the magazine, too, especially if you’re in the Phoenix east valley. Yes, I will also have hard copies available to autograph soon. For my parents.

Ready for the behind-the-scenes story?

I love coordinating my outfits on any given day but when I had the chance to go to a photoshoot, I paid EXTRA attention!

Dress: $16 from Ross (the print was called Tea Room, which is perfect because I love tea!)
Jacket: $30-something from JCPenney (it looks like a blazer but is soft and VERY comfortable–perfect!)
Shoes: Old heels from who-knows-where
Faux tan (and digitally re-touched–yes, I agreed to let him touch up the moles on my face and smooth my legs but he probably did more than that…and Spanx don’t hurt, either)
Bracelet: $60-something from Brighton, borrowed from my mom

Little-known fact: I took “modeling classes” at the age of about 13. Yes, we learned how to walk a catwalk, pose for pictures, apply makeup for both color and black and white photographs and a lot more that I still draw upon to this day. Am I photogenic? Maybe, but I also have a lot of practice!

Here’s the best part. I was number five to be photographed and the photographer showed me the pictures from the gals that had already had their turn so we could choose some new poses.

I went back to a conversation my mom and I had had the day before as I modeled my outfit options.

“Ooo, Mom! Remember this from the 80s Glamour Shots?” and I tossed my jacket over my shoulder with one finger and gave her a lethal stare.

“I kinda like it,” she said and we laughed.

“I could try the jacket-tossed-over-the-shoulder look,” I suggested to the photographer.

“Let’s see how it looks,” he said.

We did a few different angles and a few over each shoulder, modifying my feet and arms a few times and five minutes later, we were sitting at his computer, choosing our favorite.

“Wait until my mom hears about THIS!” I cackled all the way home.

Just when you think those modeling classes will never come in handy…

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