Colorful Friday: The perfect turquoise top for your coloring

I tell people all the time that turquoise is a universally flattering color on just about anyone.

turquoise top for your coloring fantabulouswomen

Check out how beautiful EVERY color category looks in turquoise!

LIGHT (go with pale and icy)

fantabulous women turquoise top light

DEEP (deeper and more saturated tones work best)

deep turquoise top fantabulous women

CLEAR (the brighter, the better)

fantabulous women clear turquoise top

WARM (a warmer shade is lovely)

antabulous women warm turquoise top

SOFT (a medium tone works beautifully)

fantabulous women soft turquoise top

COOL (pretty when trimmed in black)

fantabulous women cool turquoise top

Not sure of your Dominant Color Category? Check out this post to find yours or take the Color Enalysis¬†on Shari Braendel’s website.

Are you already wearing turquoise or do you need to go shopping??


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  1. This must be why I always have multiple turquoise pieces in my wardrobe regardless of the season. I didn’t know it worked well on so many different types, I just knew it looked good on me. Thanks for sharing.

    • There are so many different shades, aren’t there?? I loooove turquoise and I’m sure you look FAB in it! It’s a great color for EVERY season because it can be paired with pink, orange, red, brown, yellow…..maybe I’ll blog about that! :)

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