I have a confession to make

Oh, people have told me many times over the years that I am…but I just brush it off.

It has a rather negative connotation, is widely misunderstood and isn’t something to be particularly proud of.

perfectionist pencils fantabulous women

Some of the people who own up to it aren’t necessarily ones I want to emulate or be categorized with.

perfectionist grass fantabulous women

Claiming it puts you into a box and, in my opinion, often just heaps more expectations upon you.

piled paper perfectionist fantabulous women

There are a lot of good reasons to keep denying it.

But…it keeps coming up. And…

One of the core values of FanTABulous Women is “celebrate what you are good at and get help when you need it.”


The funny thing is, I’m still working out whether it’s something to celebrate…or something to get help with.


So I’ll just confess it to you, my FanTABulous Women community, so we can work through it together:

I am Tabitha and I am a perfectionist.


I said it.

I feel better now.

And I know that some of you are laughing and saying, “Well, duh.”

It seems that perhaps I’m the last to know.

P.S. There is a lot to say on this topic so stay tuned for follow-up posts, including “Yep, you’re a perfectionist.” 

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Tell me…am I alone? Are there other perfectionists out there? Do you love it or hate it? Do share!


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I am the one woman show behind FanTABulous Women. God is #1 in my life. I am a wife of twelve years, mother of two sons, purveyor of pretty and agent of encouragement. I am also a writer, dreamer, blogger and go-getter. I am happiest when I'm "putting myself out there" and inspiring others to do the same--in their own unique way. To pick my brain or schedule a consultation, call or text (602) 349-1129 or email letmerephrasethat(at)gmail.com


  1. I believe that Paislee will grow to be a perfectionist as she gets older. She already adjusts things that aren’t quite perfectly in order or straight, and she’s only 2!
    There are so many good things about being a perfectionist. : )

    • Like OCD tendancies, I believe we all have them to varying degrees. I am a very laid back perfectionist and realy more of a “high achiever.” Both of our boys have perfectionistic tendancies, too. Ethan was closing drawers and doors when he could barely walk, and will adjust things until they are just right. Andrew on the other hand hates to miss even one word on his spelling test! I’m in for it! :)

  2. Kim Moore says:

    Sometimes I wish I was more of a perfectionist – my house would be cleaner and my life would be more in order! Can you rub some of it off on me? I’m more of a “it’s good enough” kinda gal…..

    • Oooh, see there?? There are many ways to define perfectionism! I will stay up for an extra hour at night to put my next day’s outfit together and paint my fingernails but my house is always in a state of disarray! My perfectionism looks more like not starting a project until I know I can finish it to the level I want it to be at. I bet you have more perfectionist tendencies than you think you do!

  3. You, a perfectionist? It’s not possible! {Sorry for the regular font! My sarcastic font seems to be missing. Obviously, I’m not that much of a perfectionist} :) Great post, Tab!

    • I don’t know….I think you have some perfectionist tendancies, my dear…..{and thanks, as always, for dropping by!}

      • Lol. That would explain why I STILL haven’t started my blog…. And you’re very welcome! I really like your posts :)

        • It’s hard to be “out there” enough to have a blog….and it takes on a life of its own….there are some days that I wonder how I got myself into all of this, but i love it!! Because of people like YOU! :)

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