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I have, ahem, a LOT of jewelry.

A lot.

I have an entire jewelry chest dedicated to my fine jewelry, which overflows into a drawer organizer, a bowl and a crystal dish on top of my dresser.

I also have enough costume jewelry that I could probably wear a different ensemble every day for three months with no repeats. No kidding.

Yet I needed more.

Just like your clothes, you probably have pieces that you don’t wear because you don’t have a complimentary piece.

Well, I needed some basics to be able to wear some of my favorite pieces, including the fine jewelry that my friends and family have so lovingly gifted to me over the years.

Here are my new basics:

fantabulous women jewelry basicsLet me break it down for you.

Long necklace with matching hoop earrings in gold and silver.

fantabulous women jewelry basics necklaces

Cuff bracelets, one in silver and one in gold. The gold even has some bling!

fantabulous women cuff bracelets

Long pearls to double or triple and to wear with other pieces + a silver ring.

fantabulous women jewerly long pearls

All this for about $100 AND a portion of my purchase benefitted the local Pregnancy Care Center of Chandler.

Now I have lots of mix-and-match options and can wear some of my other pieces that have been hidden in a drawer for far too long.

What do YOU need to add to your jewelry wardrobe?

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