Why You Should Keep Wearing Your Matchy-Matchy Jewelry

Depending on how trendy you are, the days of matchy-matchy jewelry sets may seem outdated to you by anywhere from one to ten years.

I remember the days when you’d wear a PINK top with PINK jewelry like this:

fantabulous women pink jewelry set

Or you’d wear a white blouse or a denim top with a cute matching shell set like this:

fantabulous women shell jewelry set

In 2013, the trend (much like in home decor) is leaning more toward a mix-and-match or “eclectic” approach.

GOOD NEWS! You can keep your matching sets!

Just break them up with other pieces to stay chic and on-trend!

Here’s what I did today (as an example):

fantabulous women break up your matchy jewelry

Instead of wearing the matching bracelet, earrings and necklace, I swapped the earrings for plain pearl earrings and layered on a pearl bracelet, too.

I could have also worn the earrings from the set with a plain silver chain necklace, or swapped the bracelet for plain silver bangles.

The point is, wear the pieces you have, but combine them with other pieces to create a more sophisticated look.

Maybe you just need a pair of hoops and a bangle bracelet so your sets don’t look so matchy-matchy anymore. Have fun and…

Happy accessorizing!

Do you own matchy-matchy sets? What pieces can you use to break them up a bit?

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  1. That’s what Cookie Lee does all the time. While she creates matchy matchy sets, she also makes her jewelry to match jewelry in future catalogs. Buy a necklace from one catalog and find earrings to go with it in the next. Also, most of her necklaces can be worn more than one different way, which changes the look of any ensemble you want to create.

    • You are absolutely right, Sandra!!! The blue set I was wearing is Cookie Lee and I still get compliments on it all the time! :) I am going to be posting more about this topic very soon! Thanks for coming by!

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