Little Black Dress for Your Body Type

Every women needs a Little Black Dress, right? But there are hundreds of options available, so what do you choose that will truly flatter you?

This post is only about the SHAPE of the dress, but concerning the COLOR

If you fall into the Light, Soft or Warm Dominant Color Category, BEWARE of black! For Lights, it overpowers you. For Softs, it ages you and drains the color from your face. For Warms, chocolate brown is so much better!

Not sure about what Dominant Color Category you fall into? Take Shari Braendel’s online Color E-nalysis or contact me about having ME do your color analysis in my home studio or via Skype!

Now here is the graphic from Pinterest. Use it to buy whatever color dress you need!

Do YOU own a little black dress, or a staple dress in a different color? Does it work for your body type or do you need to go shopping?

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  1. Great post! I need these tips!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I kept thinking “I need a little black dress” but would’ve been clueless at the store–now I know that I need an A-line or one with a defined waist! Good to know! :)

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