Introducing…Shari Braendel

It was a life-changing book for me. I still pick it up every so often to check on my ‘pop colors,’ to help me decide what pieces to add to my wardrobe or to see what makeup colors Shari recommends for a certain customer who needs new cosmetics.

It’s like my fashion and beauty Bible.

Good Girls don't Have to Dress Bad book cover

‘Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad’ by Shari Braendel is available on Amazon.

I actually appeared on Shari’s blog in October 2010 in her ‘What To Wear Wednesdays’ feature. Check out my ‘interview’ HERE.

I also wrote a ‘book review’ on my former Pleasant Places blog. It talks all about what the book has to offer and what I got out of it. Check it out!

This, by the way, was my ‘after’ picture, using the tips from her book.

Tabitha after Shari Braendel makeover

Want to find out more about Shari? Here is her Fashion Meets Faith website

Shari also has a Fashion Meets Faith Facebook page.

And you MUST do her Color E-nalysis to find out what colors look best on you!! You will be surprised at what a difference it makes!

This book is a must-have and I highly recommend connecting with Shari–she is a lovely woman and truly FanTABulous!

{Disclaimers: I am NOT trying to promote my former blog. I just didn’t want to cut and paste everything from there to here! And Shari is not compensating me in any way–I just adore her, her book and what she’s about and want to promote her in any way that I can!}

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