Beauty Lessons

Aaaaah, beauty.

Whether plain or gussied up, women can downplay or overplay their beauty for all the wrong reasons.

On any given day, we can interact with a woman who looks totally put-together but is falling apart on the inside…or a woman who looks like a hot mess but actually has it all going on.

Some truly fashionable women can’t afford stylish clothes while some of the richest women I know always look like they forgot to take a peek in their gold gilded mirror that morning.

Skinny girls may have an eating disorder or a medical condition…and the same goes for bigger girls!

Who can ever tell!?!

The point, of course, is that you can’t assume anything about a woman based on her looks.

I’ve learned not to assume anymore. I do know for sure, however, that EVERY woman struggles with her looks and how it relates to her identity and EVERY woman wants to look and feel beautiful.

As a long-time fan of all things beauty and as someone who has struggled with various aspects of my physical appearance ALL of my life, here are a few lessons I have learned first hand, whether from women I have met or from my own struggles and triumphs.

  • Sometimes the prettiest woman in the room is also the most insecure and is just trying to prove something (usually to herself).
  • Sometimes the least attractive woman in the room is also the most well-adjusted, delightful and confident.
  • Sometimes the ‘plain’ girls don’t want attention from anyone, especially males, because they only male attention they’ve gotten has been negative.
  • Sometimes the ‘plain’ girls don’t think they deserve attention from ANYone and prefer to stay hidden (but secretly yearn to feel beautiful and be complimented).
  • Sometimes the ‘plain’ girls are 100% OK and just prefer to look plain.
  • Sometimes the girls who always look ‘put together’ are neither overly confident nor overly insecure–they have just learned how to put themselves together.
  • EVERY woman is insecure about SOME aspect of her appearance.
  • You have at least one physical feature that someone you know envies.
  • No one is going around trying to guess your dress or bra size. I once revealed that I was finally able to fit back into a size six dress and several people said, “I thought you were always like a size 4!” Um…no. We tend to think WE look bigger than we are, but we guess other people are SMALLER than they are. Go figure. {pun intended}
  • If you go to an event and feel awkward about something related to your appearance and feel like everyone will notice, rest assured that every woman in the room is too busy obsessing about her OWN appearance to give any thought to yours.
  • You’d be surprised at how many gorgeous women wish they could just blend in and be appreciated for something other than their looks.
  • You’d be surprised at how many below-average women would give anything to look beautiful–if only they knew how.
  • Sometimes that thin girl you envy is actually so stressed out that she has lost her appetite (that was me once)…
  • …and the girl who is ‘chubby’ is on steroid asthma inhalers that cause her to retain water and puff up (also me once).
  • Sometimes the woman who overdoes it on the makeup and hair and looks like she’s just begging for attention is actually a cosmetology student who has NO ‘dad issues’ and just likes to play with hair and makeup styles!
  • Sometimes the woman who achieves an ‘effortlessly messy’ look actually spent all morning on it….
  • ….yet the woman who looks like she spent the day in a salon actually DOES wake up looking that way! {I am not that woman}
  • I have learned the importance of making an effort to look my best EVERY day, so you definitely can’t assume anything about me from how I look! :)

What Beauty Lessons have YOU learned over the years, about yourself or others?

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  1. I’ve learned (and am still learning) that when choosing clothes I should look at the fit, not just the size :)

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