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jennifer porter with tabitha dumas in cahoots

The smell of freshly baked granola fills the air of Jennifer Porter’s Buckeye, Arizona home when she finally drops down onto the couch across from me with a sigh. She just put a diaper back on her 11-month-old son and turned on Team Umizoomi for her almost-three-year-old son, but only after switching the laundry over to the dryer, sending a text message to a Craig’s List seller and pouring herself another cup of coffee. Jen is obviously a busy woman but her sigh quickly turns into laughter as she surveys the room.

Amidst the controlled chaos of living with five boys that range in age from one to twelve years old, there are Thirty One products everywhere. “See why I need this stuff??” she says.

Jen can relate to the needs of the woman on the go and can recommend a Thirty One product to anyone who has an organizational challenge. Hauling sports equipment? You need the Large Utility Tote. Trying to corral your laundry supplies? The Square Utility Tote does the job (and can prettify your laundry room, too!). Need something portable to stash diaper and wipes in? The All-In-One Organizer is perfect. She’ll tell you to keep a Littles Carry-all Caddy in the car for the kids’ board books and small toys and that Thermal Totes are a necessity for keeping drinks and snacks cool as you run errands in the car this summer.

As you can tell, Jen is always eager to help.

She is the type that offers to hold your baby for you even though she has a baby herself and is known for being on the look-out for what people need, then filling that need. When she dropped groceries off to a friend recently, the friend asked, “How did you know we needed corn and fruit??” Jen just has an intuition about that sort of thing, and the follow-through to really help.

As she’s rattling off all of the products she loves, telling me about all the cute prints they’re available in and reminding me about the monthly specials, I ask her what her favorite product is. “Just one??” she asks. As she looks around, she says, “Must be the Square Utility Tote because I think I have at least one in every room!” She quickly adds that the Retro Metro Bag is her favorite purse. Why? “It’s casual. It has giant pockets on the outside. And it’s like a Mary Poppins bag, it holds more than you think it will.”

Jen has been with Thirty One for almost a year and a half now and has three active consultants on her team. She loves it that the products help people enhance their everyday life. She tells me that she is impressed with Thirty One’s commitment to their company mission: “To celebrate, encourage and reward women.” She enjoys being rewarded with free products, business supplies and incentives for all of her hard work. Her hostesses are rewarded well, too, and are always impressed with what they earn when they host a party. What do her customers rave about? “They love how BIG everything is when they get it,” she tells me. “The products always exceed their expectations. Plus they love how the personalization turns out!”

Jen’s love of helping busy women stay organized fuels her business.

Her favorite organizing tip? Keep items together (like Chapstick and a brush or business supplies like order forms, a calculator and cash) in the Zipper Pouch or Mini Zipper Pouch so that you can use them where they’re needed, refill them, then toss them into your purse or tote bag as you run out the door. And if you’re stumped on a teacher gift, Jen reminds me that 31 has oodles of lovely gifts for teachers, like the Wristlet Key Fob or Fold-and-Go Organizer with Notepad or perhaps a personalized Zipper Pouch for stashing personal items in her desk. For a baby gift, Jen recommends personalizing the Organizing Utility Tote to be used as a diaper bag.

Part of the reason why Jen enjoys having a Thirty One Gifts business so much is because she likes telling people about the tried-and-true products she loves. In fact, Jen dreams of having a blog someday where she can review and report on the products she loves the most, from nursing bras to cleaning products.

Jen is also quite the inventor and has several amazing ideas but needs helps figuring out what steps to take next. Maybe one of our FanTABulous Women can help her?

Jen Porter is a woman who has a lot on her plate but will always drop what she is doing to help someone else. She loves her family, cherishes her faith, takes good care of her friends and has a successful Thirty One Gifts business. Jen is truly FanTABulous.

P.S. Since I conducted this interview, Jen announced that she and her husband, Levi, are expecting their sixth child (her third).  She is due in early February. Congrats, Jen!

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  1. What a fabulous interview with Jen and a fun “inside view” to her life. I see God shining through her constantly and it has been so much fun to get to know her better by being a customer of her 31 business. I vouch for the awesomeness of the product! I get compliments on my bags everywhere I go and you can’t find a room in my house that doesn’t have them cheering things up.

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