Are you irresistible to your customers?

I had my two sons, ages six and three, in the race car shopping cart in the grocery store last week and they both clamored to get a closer look when they saw this display: Betty Boop standing in a sea of strawberries.

betty boop marketing

I stopped because strawberries were on my list but I wasn’t expecting my sons’ reactions.

“Mommy! Get that one!” my older son insisted (the son who doesn’t even eat strawberries).

“’Dat one, dat one!” my three-year-old strawberry fanatic pointed. “Get it from her!”

“Which one? What are you talking about?” I asked, mock clueless.

“The one the lady is holding!!”



They wanted me to choose the one from Betty Boop’s tray, not the ones in the case. Why? Because it was more fun!

Later I wondered…how many people who came into the store with no intention of buying strawberries that day bought strawberries just because the display caught their attention?

Betty Boop in the produce department was a stroke of marketing brilliance. Who could resist buying whatever she was selling??

My sons knew what we all instinctively know: given options, we’ll always take the one that’s more fun. And, if a pretty girl is holding it, people will impulsively buy almost ANYthing.

Marketing is all about capturing your customer’s attention. People are attracted to things that are unique, visually appealing and that offer a fun experience.

How can you capture your ideal customer’s attention?
How can you make yourself, your brand, your product or your company irresistible?
How can you bring more FUN into your customers’ lives?

Let me know in the comments how you plan to give your customers a “Betty Boop in the Strawberry Case” experience this week. And whatever you decide to do, wearing red high heels probably wouldn’t hurt.

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  1. for me, it’s all about believing in my product/company.. and i think my clients/customers can really feel that excitement…. plus it helps that i’m happ & truly thankful about life in general and people can feel that from me as well!

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