Do you commit these skin care sins?

Women treat me like a priest when it comes to confessing their skin care and makeup sins. “I don’t always wash my face before bed” is a common one. I wag my finger at them, they hang their head in shame (and rightfully so) and I order them to do one microdermabrasion treatment as penance.

Naturally there are nights that I feel like I can’t muster the strength to wash and moisturize my face before bed, but I just tell myself, “Practice what you preach, sister,” and I do it anyway.

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Speaking of skin care sins, I found this great video (link at the bottom of this post) that outlines some good ones:

1. Forgetting to wash your face before bed. Going to sleep with a day’s worth of grime, make-up, sweat and pollution on your face is just gross. Besides having all that ick on your face while you sleep, some of it will still be on your pillow the next night, too. Eeeewww. Mary Kay has facial wipes that you can leave next to your bed so you can at least give your face a good swipe before your head hits the pillow. If you’re not too tired to wash your face properly, check out the products detailed in #2.

2. Not washing your face in the morning. During the night, your skin has its best chance to renew itself but you need to get rid of all of that before you start your daily routine. We have a 3-in-1 cleanser for normal to dry skin or combination/oily skin that cleanses, exfoliates and freshens ALL in ONE step!

3. Using bar soap on your face. Bar soaps are often too drying for most skin types and they offer virtually no benefit. Use a cleanser that is right for your skin type. I can help you find the perfect fit.

4. Over-washing your face. This means using a cleanser that is too harsh OR scrubbing your face too hard. I can help you with this, too.

5. Not removing make-up before working out. Makeup mixed with sweat? Again….eeeewwww. This is another great occasion for using facial cleansing wipes. You can keep a few stashed in a baggy in your gym bag.

So which of these sins are YOU guilty of? Please share so we all know we’re not the only one.

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Here is the video, it’s worth a look:

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  2. i love love makeup, but the first thing I do when i get home from work is to wash my face!! i can’t stand leaving my makeup on… especially after sweating outside ! :)

    • YES! I feel the same way! I take mine off when I am DONE for the day and I feel so good when I do–like I can finally rest and relax! Thanks for your comment!

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