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Life group, resolving bank issues, errands...and now hanging out with my big son while @pgrimes1120 is off with my little minion. This kid is great company. #motherson #myboy #sondate #1000gifts #legomagazine
Me and my earrings are featured on @premierdesignsinc again! :) Top left. #premierdesigns #premierjeweler #featured #earrings #accessorize #statementearrings
Do you lay out your clothes the night before? I always do, down to the underwear, accessories and shoes. It saves me so much time and frustration in the morning (I'm not a morning person)! If I've never worn it before, I try it on, too. Try it for a few days and see if it makes a difference! #ootd #outfit #planahead #thenightbefore #notamorningperson #thingsnightowlsdo #whatimwearing #whatimwearingtomorrow #whatimwearingtoday #dressUP
Closet "after." Phew! Took me the better part of the day and the closet is as done as it's going to get for now. I hung everything back according to the Konmari method which says that they should be hung heaviest to lightest left to right. So I've got coats, jackets, dresses, pants, skirts and tops, arranged heavy to light within each category, too. It will take some getting use to but I'll give it a shot. I got rid of five blankets, probably 30 articles of clothing and a whole bag of trash. I went through my winter clothes, too. We're going to relocate the suitcases to make more room. Sheets and towels are organized and accessible. Plus now the sentimental stuff is up high in there, waiting for me to do it last. I feel very accomplished! I know I'll get rid of more clothes but at least now I can see what I have! #konmari #konmarimethod #closetpurge #closetorganization #after #wardrobe #mycloset #lookinsidemycloset #yeame #wholehearted
Andrew was excited to spot this unusual blue bug outside of karate and took this picture. If you look closely you'll see that it's carrying a dead roach. <shudder> #momofboys #bug #coolbug #natureiscool #1000gifts
This makes me want to cry so of course I had to post it. I keep my capsule wardrobe in my studio but this is about 1/4 of my closet. The top is a jumbled mess of sheets and purses. With all the decluttering we've done this year, this is where we've kept the heat-sensitive items and have stashed other things without homes. We can't walk in it. It's the last area other than the garage that needs attention. And I'm in there working today. I'm saving the sentimental stuff until last but I'm working through the clothes, sheets, towels, beauty products, suit cases, costumes, etc. This process is ugly. It is hard work. And it is life changing. If you've got areas like this, chin up. You're not alone. And there is hope. #konmari #decluttering #geterdone #before #keepingitreal #Ishowmybefores #lifeismessy
Feeling overwhelmed with the week ahead? I just did a brain dump, used it to create my to-do list then blogged about it! The link is in my profile. #overcomingoverwhelm #todolist #braindump #sundaynight #getorganized #geterdone #onmyblog
Church then Costco and now I'm just sitting on the back porch enjoying the wind and sprinkles. Sundays are the best. #sundayfunday #sabbath #sabbathrest #arizonasummer #torrentialsprinkles #myview #viewfrommybackporch #easybreezy
Couldn't end the night without showing you our little guy zonked out on the couch five minutes after everyone left. Keesh decided to join him. All the festivities wore him out @pgrimes1120. And he said he was just resting :) #toomuchpartying #zonkedout #cats_of_instagram #kittyfriend #longday #childhood #myboy #imjustrestingmyeyes #goodnight

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Hello, FanTABulous Women!! Just wanted to let you know that my website has been updated and redesigned and I have a lot of blog posts over there that you might like. Go check it out! My opt-in offer is terrific, I hope you'll sign up! Receiving my email newsletter is … [continue]

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Have you wanted to work with me but weren’t sure how to get started? Maybe you weren’t even sure what I could do to help you! Well, this summer I’ve been working very hard to put everything I offer into one cohesive framework so I can serve YOU better. I am now Tabitha Dumas–Image & […]


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Good news! I am still in the process of putting all of my products and services under one umbrella but in the meantime, I am NOT taking on any new writing or consulting clients, which leaves me more time for YOU, my FanTABulous Women community! I would LOVE to spend time with you talking about […]


Why I’m hosting a home party for HER why I am hosting for HER origami owl party

I haven’t officially hosted a home party in over three years since I had a Thirty-One show for my friend and cohort, Jen. As a supporter of women and a HUGE fan of direct sales, I frequently shop from my friends who have home-based businesses. I have a LOT of women in my circle of […]


At-home pedicure tutorial

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{First posted on my former blog here} I love getting a professional pedicure just as much as the next gal but I’d rather spend my money on shoes or accessories and just do it myself.  About 15 years ago, I was planning to give my mom a gift certificate for a pedicure for Mother’s Day but […]


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Spring is springing!  Are you sooooo over winter and ready for a refresh?? I’m offering a Total Spring Refresh for just $25 when you come to my home office/studio/craft room in south Chandler in the month of March!  Come with your skin care, makeup and color questions! What does the Total Spring Refresh include? color analysis […]


Crafty Spring Origami Owl Day

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Spring is coming, spring is coming!!  I want to make bright ribbon streamers and dance barefoot through the streets shouting “Spring is coming!!” I love spring. So I’m hosting a shin-dig! It’s my “Crafty Spring Origami Owl Day.” It’s basically all of my favorite things rolled into one afternoon: friends, refreshments, crafting, origami, spring and […]


Slow Down #2–get moving!

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Yesterday was a typical Monday of school drop-offs and pick-ups, a morning meeting, lunch, projects, writing, emailing, homework, dinner…and by evening all I wanted was a big, fresh salad and a chance to sit down. But my phone rang. “Wanna go for a walk? It’s beautiful outside!” my mother enticed me. I didn’t hesitate for […]


Slow Down in March

march slow down

Does your life feel a bit go-go-go with very little downtime? Do you struggle to live in the moment? Do you tend to feel restless if you’re not being productive? Do you have to WORK at resting? For me, that’s “yes” x 4. I have grown a lot in this area but it’s something I […]

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